Wednesday, August 1, 2018


Check out some of our favorite tracks from July featuring RALPH, MAAGS, SHY Martin, Kelsy Karter, Chloe Lilac, LANNDS, Young & Sick, and Tanners.

RALPH - 'Tables Have Turned'
RALPH has been one of our favorite rising pop stars ever since her debut single came out two years ago. On her latest single "Tables Have Turned" she finds herself sounding stronger than ever before. The lyrics are simplistic yet catchy, creating a perfect pop song backed by a bubbling production that you'll be playing on repeat all day long.
MAAGS - 'Love Someone'
Austin-based singer-songwriter MAAGS is back with her second single "Love Someone". It's a vibed-out pop track that'll hook you at first listen. The electronics in the production are perfectly complimented by the subtle indie elements laying just below the surface. MAAGS vocals are delicate yet powerful on this one, giving this one a total adrenaline rush. Fall for MAAGS on this one below.
SHY Martin - 'Lose You Too'
It's been just about a year since SHY Martin emerged onto the scene with her shattering debut single. On her latest "Lose You Too", she strips everything away letting her vocals, lyrics, and melodies carry the weight of this emotion filled track. The production slowly builds behind her on this one sending a rush of feelings with each note until finale where it all just disappears. This one truly shows just how much a future star SHY Martin is.
Kelsy Karter - 'Sad Sad Summer'
For all of us who have the summer blues, Kelsy Karter just delivered the perfect soundtrack on her latest single "Sad Sad Summer". Kelsy's vocals are truly stunning on this one with their bluesy tones while the production gives off every hint of an indie pop classic. Sit back and soak in the mood of this one below.
Chloe Lilac - 'Stolen Liquor'
Brooklyn's Chloe Lilac delivers her brand new single "Stolen Liquor", and damn, it's a gem. Combining R&B melodies with lo-fi production, Chloe has truly created a chilled-out track that's smoother than silk. It's got all those summery vibes you could ask for while you're cruising with the top down. Vibe out to this gem below.
LANNDS - 'you + drugs'
LANNDS' truly delivered a unique sound on their single "you + drugs" off of their brand new EP. The duo give us slow vibes on this one with looping electronics and atmospheric melodies that float eerily over the echoing guitars. There's traces of Daughter in the production while the melodies embrace the wonders of Japanese House. You can stream LANNDS' full Legends EP here.
Young & Sick - 'Letting Go Of Giving Up'
Young & Sick is back with his brand new single 'Letting Go Of Giving Up" off of his upcoming No Static EP out August 17th via B3SCI. Starting off with a simplistic piano backing, Young & Sick delivers a bluesy melody that vibes all the way into the glistening chorus that's packed with a groove. Jam out this one below.
Tanners - 'Empress In Reverse'
Tanners emerged earlier this summer on her debut single that marked her as one of our favorite rising stars. On her brand new single "Empress In Reverse", Tanners truly has solidified her alt-pop stylings. This one is driven by a grooving bass with a retro essence that'll have you lost in a psychedelic state of mind. One listen and you'll know that Tanners is definitely one to watch.


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