Monday, April 2, 2018


Check out some of our favorite tracks from February below featuring alxxa, BoTalks, Dady, Glassio, Molly Moore, ORKID, Rhys, and Tiaryn.

One of our longtime favorites alxxa has been rolling out her new EP. This month she released the title track,"Body". The track crosses pop vocals with R&B melodies and electronic production that break down every barrier in its path. The chorus is blazing hot with alxxa giving us those undeniably addictive hooks. Check this one below.

Molly Moore has been a force to reckon with for quite some time. Her previous releases have all fallen into the pop realm, but on her latest "Tough Love" she takes a turn to a soulful R&B sound. The melodies are sultry smooth while Molly's vocals work effortlessly over the production. "Tough Love" is the first taste of Molly's upcoming EP. Dive into this new era below.

Tiaryn released "Falling" off of her upcoming EP. If its not the cruising production that pushes the track forward that catches your attention, then it's Tiaryn's gorgeous vocals that flutter though the melodies. One listen and the chorus will find its way deep into your mind. Fall for this track below.

This month, BoTalks released their second single 'Fuck It" featuring Caroline Pennell. With the track starting off with a simplistic yet beautiful piano backing, things slowly start to burn under the surface. Once the full production comes in you get the full effect of the track. It's an electronic infused hit that crosses perfectly into the pop realm. Get familiar with BoTalks below.

Dady is our new favorite pop duo to come from the BK scene this year. It's the quirky production on this one that instantly caught out attention. With the melodies that soar to the skies and the guitars lifting them higher with each note, you'l have no doubts that Dady has something totally unique to offer to the music scene. Check this one out below.

Stockholm-based ORKID released her brand new single "Wasted" this month. After our first listen there were no doubts that this one is a future hit ready to shatter the glass ceiling. The verses are sublet and sweet but when the chorus kicks in it all explodes int a powerhouse jam. One listen, and you'll know ORKID is a rising star worth knowing.

Sweden-based singer Rhys breaks out on her new single "No Vacancy". This one has traces of Dua Lipa melodies in the verses that'll have you instantly hooked. Her vocals are next level as they channel this pristine edginess while still glistening in the sunlight. Keep an eye on this rising artist as Rhys has got all of the talent.

Brooklyn's Glassio continue to roll out new music on their latest single "Back For More". Instantly speeding forward with the driving tempo, Glassio channel nostalgic melodies that will have you cruising into the sunset of a summers past. One listen, and you'll be coming back for more.


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