Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Check out some of our favorite tracks from February below featuring BLYN, alxxa, BAUM, Chelse Lankes, SITA, HYMNER, Emma McGrath, and UPSAHL.

Rising producers BLYNE released their second single "Waste Time" this month. Floating on buzzing synths in the beginning of the track, James Chatburn's glitchy vocals tiptoe through the verse. It powers up into the soulful chorus that turns up the heat on full blast. It's a stunning track that sets the tone of what's to come from BLYNE's debut EP that'll feature other vocalist like NOVAA, L Devine, and B O K E H. Get familiar below.  ALXXA- 'ICY LOVE'
LA's alxxa returned this month with another pop anthem, "Icy Love". Her vocals are pure pop at its finest while the chorus rides on the edges of R&B stylings. alxxa keeps things icy cold in the melodies but that production is burning hot. This might be alexa's first single of 2018, but it's evident from this track that she's got more future hits up her sleeve.  BAUM- 'THIS BODY'
Baum has been one of our favorite artist on the rise from this last year. She's exploded with a stelar debut, and she returned this month with a track that couldn't be more personal. "This Body" finds inspiration from an eating disorder Baum went through in college. It's an empowering and vulnerable song that acts as a reminder that everyone is beautiful no matter what. It's a track that's packed with not just gorgeous vocals but a message that's true to the heart.  CHELSEA LANKES- 'EASY'
Chelsea Lankes is truly a force to be reckoned with. She's a a true talent, and on "Easy" she delivers one of her best tracks yet. It's her shimmering melodies that glisten over the delicate production that cause you to instantly melt. It's a feel good track that'll have you flying high after just one listen. Press play below and get ready to reach a whole new high.  SITA - 'LOW'
Rising Nashvillepbased singer-songwriter SITA continues the expansion of her project with her latest single "Low". Instantly backed by chiming bells, SITA's melodies flutter through the verses and soar high into the chorus. It's a chilled-out pop hit with an energy that bubbles just under the surface. Vibe out to this one below.  HYMNER- 'BICYCLE' FEAT. ALESSANDRA
Hymner teams up with rising Swedish songstress Alessandra on their second single "Bicycle". Driven by their cruising production, Alessandra's vocals effortless flow up and down with the hooking melodies. Hymner's bring a classic electronic vibe to the track that'll have your body moving at first listen. Take a ride with this one below.  EMMA MCGRATH- 'LOVE YOU BETTER'
Emma McGrath delivered a stunner of a track on "Love Me Better". Starting off things simplistic, Emma brings a laid back vibe in her first verse where her vocals dance delicately on top of the strumming guitar. Once you get through the first chorus, things pick up and the fire starts burning just below the surface. The flames grow stronger through the entirety of the track up until that final chorus where Emma soar to the skies. One listen and you'll be hooked on Emma McGrath.  UPSAHL- 'KISS ME NOW'
UPSAHL teams up with Max Frost on production for her latest single "Kiss Me Now". It's the cool melodies in her verse backed by the driving guitar in the verse that'll have you instantly hook. Once UPSAHL gets into the chorus the track explodes into all out pop smash. UPSAHL's vocals just have the familiar quality yet brand new shine that takes her sound to a whole new level. Get familiar below before UPSAHL explodes as the next best thing in pop.

Thursday, February 22, 2018


LA newcomer Madge emerges on her debut single "Fight Or Flight Club". From the very beginning you get dropped into a new space where Madge is breaking barriers on the typical pop sounds. Her melodies are catchy and groundbreaking while the production has a grungy electronic feel that's agitating in the best ways. The track pushes the boundary on the idea that the industry is a boys only club. She pushes past that and shows the true power and talent women have in this industry. Get ready to fight to the end on this one below.


Jacob Steele emerged on his debut single "Move Like Me" last month. It's a chilled out track that's packed with catchy pop melodies dancing on the waves of a R&B vibe. The production perfectly surges underneath his vocals as they flow effortlessly all the way through the track. With just one track out we're already hooked. Keep your eyes on Jacob as there's definitely more to come from him this year.

Thursday, February 8, 2018


Meet More Giraffes, the latest indie pop duo to rise from the LA scene this week. Emerging on their debut single 'Basement', this duo deliver a new spin on pop with their futuristic production and quirky melodies you won't be able to get out of your head. It's their sunny melodies backed with their quirky beats that create this kaleidoscope of sound. One listen and you'll be on a completely new high. Press play below, and dive into the futuristic world of More Giraffes below. 


OTR been a low lying force who's been on the rise over this last year. This 25-year old producer is now setting the bar even higher with his new single "Bliss" featuring Ashley Leone. Pulling on influences like Odessa and Petit Biscuit, OTR has crafted a electro-pop track that'll send a tingling feeling up your spine. Ashely Leone's vocals are backed perfectly on the verses while she hooks you with her delightful melodies all leading up to that drop that washes over you away in a blissful fashion. Keep an eye on OTR this year as this is just the beginning something great to come.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018


Shallou has been a growing force in the electronic realm for a hot minute. Last year he racked in millions of streams off of his debut EP the set pace for the milestones he achieved throughout the last year. He returns on his latest single "Lie" that features vocals for Riah. It's the surging synths that are packed with energy pulsating towards the skies that'll have you hook in one listen. Riah's vocals float effortlessly above Shallou's production creating the perfect, blissful combination you won't be able to get enough of. Dive in to "Lie" below, and expect more future hits from Shallou this year.

Friday, February 2, 2018


The first month of 2018 has come and gone. Check out these stellar track that started off the New Year right.

Canadian-British duo Zoology rolled out their Bloom EP this month. The duos been gaining traction over the last year with their chilled out vibes that combine jazzy guitars and electronics. A highlight off the EP is "Waterfalls" where they have an accompanying video compiled of videos of the duo in Berlin.You can stream Zoology's EP in full here.
LA-based LeyeT has been a growing force. She returned his month with refreshing pop track "Drip Drop". If it's not her flowing melodies that capture your attention, it'll be her undeniably unique vocals that soar above the rolling tides. Expect more from LeyeT as this is just the beginning.
We've been obsessing over Elohim since the day she first started releasing music. This last year she rolled out some of our favorite tracks, and with the new year here, she's not stopping. If it's not the darkened verses on "Fuck Your Money" that have you hooked, Elohim's bouncing chorus will have you blasting this one on repeat. Elohim is set to release her debut album this year along with a slew of festival performances including Coachella, Bonnaroo, Electric Forest and more.
Australian producer Ukiyo is a force bubbling underneath the surface. It was just a year ago that he released his single "Calling" that had heads turning. Now he's back with his latest "Something Like This" featuring vocals from FEELDS. The track is packed with surging synths in the verses and an undeniably catchy chorus that's dark and brooding. Keep your eyes on Ukiyo as 2018 is the year he emerges completely from the waters.
We've been keeping our eyes on rising alt-pop artist Stevie Wolf. After breaking through on his single "Who" back at the end of 2017, he's continuing to roll with the tide on his latest "Low". Stevie's vocals will have you melting with their energized softness in the verses. The simplistic guitars support his vocals all the way until the bass kicks in on the powering chorus . One listen and Stevie Wolf will be your new favorite artist.
Me Not You emerged early back in 2017 with their alt-rock sound that caught the attention of the blog sphere rather quickly. After rolling out their debut EP, this duo is back with their latest "Eventually". The track is backed by a humming synth line that lifts the melodies to new heights. The lyrics dive into the idea of ending a feud with someone and letting that baggage go. It's a chilled out track that keeps things going for this BK duo.
Denmark's Palace Winter are back with their first single 'Take Shelter" off of their upcoming album. Powered by energized piano chords, this track soars into the night sky with its glowing melodies and endearing energy. Take flight with this one below.
Norwegian's daze pop outfit Great News started off the new year with a cruising single "Told". Diving into a 80s rock vibe, they combine the best parts of garage rock while keeping subtle underlying hints of the current alternative scene in their pocket. Hit play below and cruise your way into the rest of the year with this one.