Friday, September 22, 2017


London's Marna first emerged earlier this summer with her glorious debut that took the blogosphere by storm. She returns today with her follow up "Pure Gold". On this one, Marna instantly drops you deep into the ocean with her brooding melodies that echo below the steady waves. Just when you hit a darkest parts of the verses, Marna builds into a bright chorus that shimmers in the blues of the synths. The production builds itself until the ultimate finally where the track is locked in a glowing gold. Marna proves herself on this one as a true treasure in the current indie scene. Discover the gold on this one below.


  1. I am looking forward to see Marna's another film Pure Gold. Marna did great in her debut movie,she really has so much acting talent. Now lets see what she did in Pure Gold.

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  4. Marna's acting is really great I've seen his movie too. she is really able to Oscar award around the world a huge people who those want to seen amazing movies they are also seen her trailer of the movie pure Gold. and hope she has done a very good perfomance in this movie

  5. This movie was amazing I watched it with my friends and this movie is pure class and Marna did a great job his acting skills were on top in this movie looking forward to seeing her in another movie and hope she will do better this time.