Thursday, August 17, 2017


RahRah first crossed our radar about a month ago when she emerged with her stunning debut. Today, she's back with her second offering "Quiet", and it's a track that takes this rising pop star to a whole new level. Instantly catching you with the glitchy effects and brooding synths, RahRah's vocals come packed with a pure pop punch. The verses hold back on the production, allowing for her vocals to shine in the silence, but when you get to the chorus, RahRah turns up the energy delivering a true pop smash. On what inspired the track, RahRah mentions, "Silence makes me anxious. I don't enjoy quiet moments. I hate when it's loud, yet you still feel empty. I was inspired to write this song so people could relate to that feeling of loneliness, be uplifted and hopefully feel not as lonely anymore. I always try to bring a fun vibe and energy to my music, so I hope 'Quiet' brings you to a better place." Press play below, and drown out the quiet with this one.

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