Thursday, August 17, 2017

don't smile at me

Billie Eilish has been rolling out her debut EP don't smile at me throughout the year, and last week it finally came out in full. Already being compared to the likes of Lorde, this 15 year-old has truly set the tone of a long career in the industry ahead of her. She first emerged over a year ago on "Ocean Eyes", a delicate track that sparked a fire among the blogsphere. From there, she rolled out "bellyache", a lovely song that takes a grime turn telling the tale of killing your friends and running from the law. Other highlights from the EP include "COPYCAT" with it's taunting lyrics and pounding production, "watch" that's brooding with Billie's shimmering vocal, and a stellar closing track "hostage". For an artist as young as she is, Billie Eilish brings a complete sense of maturity in her works, making it clear that this won't be the last we hear from her. Stream don't smile at me below.


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