Thursday, August 17, 2017


JOME have been rolling out tracks over the last year, and with each release we keep getting more hooked on their sound. Their latest single "Crystalline" is chilled out with the relaxed guitars and distant vocals that fall into the likes of Novo Amor. The verses surge into the chorus so elegantly like the ocean pushes waves into the coastline. Chill out to this glimmering gem below.

Before U Go

LA producer Tyzo Bloom is back on his latest single "Before U Go". Teaming up with Lauren Marie on this one, they've come together to really create a true gem. Driven by glistening bells in the first verse, Lauren's vocals glide effortlessly over the glooming beats that dive deep with each hit. Tyzo Bloom's productions is clean and sounds effortless as everything comes together to create a massive track that you'll be blasting on repeat. Dive in below.

don't smile at me

Billie Eilish has been rolling out her debut EP don't smile at me throughout the year, and last week it finally came out in full. Already being compared to the likes of Lorde, this 15 year-old has truly set the tone of a long career in the industry ahead of her. She first emerged over a year ago on "Ocean Eyes", a delicate track that sparked a fire among the blogsphere. From there, she rolled out "bellyache", a lovely song that takes a grime turn telling the tale of killing your friends and running from the law. Other highlights from the EP include "COPYCAT" with it's taunting lyrics and pounding production, "watch" that's brooding with Billie's shimmering vocal, and a stellar closing track "hostage". For an artist as young as she is, Billie Eilish brings a complete sense of maturity in her works, making it clear that this won't be the last we hear from her. Stream don't smile at me below.


RahRah first crossed our radar about a month ago when she emerged with her stunning debut. Today, she's back with her second offering "Quiet", and it's a track that takes this rising pop star to a whole new level. Instantly catching you with the glitchy effects and brooding synths, RahRah's vocals come packed with a pure pop punch. The verses hold back on the production, allowing for her vocals to shine in the silence, but when you get to the chorus, RahRah turns up the energy delivering a true pop smash. On what inspired the track, RahRah mentions, "Silence makes me anxious. I don't enjoy quiet moments. I hate when it's loud, yet you still feel empty. I was inspired to write this song so people could relate to that feeling of loneliness, be uplifted and hopefully feel not as lonely anymore. I always try to bring a fun vibe and energy to my music, so I hope 'Quiet' brings you to a better place." Press play below, and drown out the quiet with this one.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Just Wanna Be Single

Miami's Brika returns on new single "Just Wanna Be Single", a chilled out alt-pop track that have you grooving for days on end. Teaming up with Shy Girls who cowrote/produced the track, its clear that the chorus delivers a carefree hook you'll be singing along. Brika finds a solid blend on this one between her classic jazzy sounds and a pure pop stylings. Reacquaint yourself with this rising pop star below.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Sleepy Eyes

Elohim has been crushing it over the past year as one of our favorite rising artists. Recently, she rolled out a dreamy collab with Chicago producer Whethan. Packed with bouncy beats, Elohim's vocals dance eloquently over the echoing synths. Her lyrics stick wither her classic songwriter of  poetic manner, but Whethan turns the heat up on this one with the synth infused horns and a beat you can't stop dancing to. Press play, and wake up below.


You might know Kelsey Bulkin from the duo Made In Heights, but she steps out into the world on her own with debut single "Andromeda". Kelsey's vocals remain in familiar territory with their delicateness while her lyrics compliment her with their poetic senses. The melody dances over the simplistic echoes of the synth in the production. The overall sound brings you a calming sense of peace that'll have you loving every second. Chill out on this one below.

Use Me

Last week, our favorite rising pop star Dominique dropped her latest single "Use Me". Instantly catching you with the glitchy synths in the production, Dominique's vocals come cruising in stronger than ever on this one. It's the hook in the chorus where things explode, burning at the seams, and letting loose a straight banger of a track. It's clear to see that this is the strongest release we've heard from Dominque yet, and there's no doubt there's more fire to come. Get burnt below.

Someone Else

NYC via London singer Ella Rae emerges on her debut single "Someone Else". The track has this high energy yet minimalistic sound in the verses, but when the synths come in on the chorus it sends Ella's glorious vocals straight to the skies above. It's the plucky guitar that sends a shockwave into the track, that'll having you loving this one all the way through. Give up control to Ella Rae on this one below.