Friday, May 26, 2017

No More

After teaming up with Ayelle on his previous single, Belgian producer Alex Lustig returns today with "No More". On this one, he teams up with Australian singer Akacia and OnCue to create a broody track that's packed with atmospheric synths taking you into a whole new universe. There's traces of ambient sounds locked in with touches of hip hop that come together to create an icy track that's cold on the exterior and burning at the core. Feel the chill on this one below.

In The Dark

Canada's Jessica Hart is at it again with her new single "In The Dark". The title speaks for itself, but this track is packed with cloudy synths that are on the edge of raining down all their electro power in the chorus. Her vocals are mystical in the verse as the production leads up the full on downpour hitting you with a massive force that'll  knock you off your feet. Get washed away by this one below.


With a co-write and feature on Glassio's "Morning House" already under his belt, Charles Fauna has emerged from the haze with his own solo material on "Abandon". This one is a continuously growing track as the synths start off soft and roar all the way through the chorus just to come back down in the next verse and start all over again. His sound touches the likes of Phoenix meeting Passion Pit as it's experimental yet 100 percent pop all at the same time. Get caught in the surge on this one below.


Rising British songstress RXC is back on her latest wonder of a track "Better". This self-produced track is packed with her stunning melodies that find their space in this massive soundscape her production creates. It's vast yet minimal in so many way, captivating you with every note and lyric. Adventure into this one below.

Don't You Know

At long last Jaymes Young is finally putting out his long-awaited debut album Feel Something. In the roll up to it's release, he gives us a taste of what to expect on "Don't You Know". Jaymes has kept true to the sound we first fell in love with in his early releases, but he comes roaring back with powering synths backing his hooking melodies. It soulful and dark, all while bringing an overwhelming sense of brightness with each pulse of the trickling production in the chorus. Get ready because Jaymes Young is back and ready to reclaim his territory in the indie scene. Feel Something drops June 23rd.

Thursday, May 25, 2017


JMR is back and on the heels of the release of his new EP Boyish. We've been longtime fans of JMR, but he went silent for a bit (obviously to focus his energy on writing new music.) Now he's back and we've never been more excited. The first track he released off of the EP "Bound" stays true to his soulful vocals while delivering brighter synths that climb to new heights and definitely create an undeniably glorious track. JMR has come a long way since his early beginnings and we can't wait to see where things go from here. Boyish is out tomorrow, May 26th.

Get Me

Italian electro-pop artist LILI N is back on her latest single "Get Me".  The track is build upon surging synths that are packed with darkness as LILI N's melodies land themselves in a the full-on pop lane. The chorus is backed with a glitchy synths that turns up the heat and makes this song one massive future hit. Get familiar with LILI N as she has the power to break really soon as a female power in the indie scene.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Stay Away

London producer KASPR teams up with Saskia Sage on his latest track "Stay Away". This track is lush with pulsating synths that hypnotize you while Saskia's vocals and lyrics flow delicately over the production with their Oh Wonder-like qualities. Press play below, and get caught up in this one below. 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Oh My My

TRACE takes her first steps into 2017 after the success of her debut EP last year on new single "Oh My My". She picks up right where she left off, giving us a track that's golden at the core with its lush melodies that wrap themselves around her lyrics in a such mysterious way. The synths on the track brood away with every beat, creating an track that's peaceful yet undeniably powerful. Expect more from TRACE throughout the rest of the year, but for now enjoy this beauty below.


Long Island artist Joe Wood emerges on his latest single "Alone". Its a synth-packed track that's glistening with its pop-perfected melodies and 80s influenced beats. It'll get your heart racing and leaving you in a complete state of suspension. Check this one below. 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Children

Meet HÅN, the latest signee from our Italian friends Factory Flaws. She emerges this week on her debut single "The Children". This new songstress delivers stunning vocals that flow effortlessly over the trickling guitars that lift her higher to the skies above. It's a beautiful one that climbs to new heights as the drums kick into motion in the chorus and there's a sense of urgency meeting the calmness of HÅN's melodies. HÅN opens her world to us on this one, and there's so much more territory to explore. Begin the adventure with this one below.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Do My Thing

NYC producer Lucian has teamed up with Philosofie on his latest single "Do My Thing". This one's packed with attitude with a plunky piano accompaniment that builds the foundation of the track from the very beginning. It's when you reach the chorus, Lucian really shows his magic by delivering all the vibes. One listen and you'll know why heads are turning towards Lucian as a rising producer who's destine to break extremely soon. Big things on the horizon for this one. For now, listen to Lucian do his thing below.

Friday, May 12, 2017


Rising LA duo courtship. have us cruising quickly into the summer sun on their latest single "Sunroof". With the sun-laced synths over the blazing guitars, this track gives off a warmth that'll have you feeling good all the way through. Roll down the windows and turn the stereo up, because this is going to be a hot contender for song of the summer. Turn it up below.

Thursday, May 11, 2017


Nashville via NYC artist Sita comes forward on her debut single "Closer". Tying together R&B vibes with a chill electronic production, Sita delivers truly mesmerizing vocals that dance in the pop realm. It's a glistening track that's relaxed yet continues to keep your attention all the way through. There's definitely something special about this one that has all the potential to grow authentically through the indie scene. Get a little closer with Sita on this one below.


NYC-based Luca Chesney is looking to be a truly promising artist on the rise. On her latest track "Return" she delivers a vocal stunner that's dark with surging synths that dance with the likes of Vaults. Her lyrics flow effortlessly as they give a story-like sense that keeps you on edge all the way through. Luca has absolutely proven herself on this one, showing that her upcoming self-titled EP is going to perfectly utilize all of her talent. Get familiar below.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Call Off The Dogs

Foreign Air are back on their latest single "Call Off The Dogs". The duo drive into familiar territory on this one as they deliver R&B melodies and cruising indie guitars in the verses. It's when the chorus kicks in you're hit with a punch of pop-based hooks that'll be stuck in your head for days on end. Check this one below, and be sure to catch Foreign Air this summer on a string of festival dates.

Friday, May 5, 2017


Jessica Frech is back with her latest track "Cobalt". The track captures her floating melodies that perfectly compliment that playful production of Sarin. It builds itself around this looming darkness that morphs itself into almost happy sound the deeper you fall into the track. The unique sound in Jessica's vocals is something that's mesmerizing, almost like combining the pop star qualities of Zara Larsson while holding onto that quirkiness of AURORA. Check out this one below.

Thursday, May 4, 2017


Nashville-based production duo biyo are back with another track that showcases their sound on a whole new level. Slowing things down from their last releases, "moments" still captures their excellent synth-work as they twist in a groovy pop sound. It's smooth and perfected on every level.  biyo are proving themselves as an act that never disappoints. Take a moment for this one below.


London artist Caswell has released her second single "Brother", and it's a beautiful masterpiece that dances with the pop sphere's glorifying synths and the jazz world's jazzy melodies. The track starts of slow with the main focus with Caswell's delicate vocals that fall into the likes of Låpsley and Skott, but when the synths come in this begin to slowly surge into a massive climax. At this point the production falls back to its lightened state where you end things focused back on Caswell's truest talent - her glorious vocals. Takes a journey on this one below.