Thursday, August 10, 2017

Just Wanna Be Single

Miami's Brika returns on new single "Just Wanna Be Single", a chilled out alt-pop track that have you grooving for days on end. Teaming up with Shy Girls who cowrote/produced the track, its clear that the chorus delivers a carefree hook you'll be singing along. Brika finds a solid blend on this one between her classic jazzy sounds and a pure pop stylings. Reacquaint yourself with this rising pop star below.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Sleepy Eyes

Elohim has been crushing it over the past year as one of our favorite rising artists. Recently, she rolled out a dreamy collab with Chicago producer Whethan. Packed with bouncy beats, Elohim's vocals dance eloquently over the echoing synths. Her lyrics stick wither her classic songwriter of  poetic manner, but Whethan turns the heat up on this one with the synth infused horns and a beat you can't stop dancing to. Press play, and wake up below.


You might know Kelsey Bulkin from the duo Made In Heights, but she steps out into the world on her own with debut single "Andromeda". Kelsey's vocals remain in familiar territory with their delicateness while her lyrics compliment her with their poetic senses. The melody dances over the simplistic echoes of the synth in the production. The overall sound brings you a calming sense of peace that'll have you loving every second. Chill out on this one below.

Use Me

Last week, our favorite rising pop star Dominique dropped her latest single "Use Me". Instantly catching you with the glitchy synths in the production, Dominique's vocals come cruising in stronger than ever on this one. It's the hook in the chorus where things explode, burning at the seams, and letting loose a straight banger of a track. It's clear to see that this is the strongest release we've heard from Dominque yet, and there's no doubt there's more fire to come. Get burnt below.

Someone Else

NYC via London singer Ella Rae emerges on her debut single "Someone Else". The track has this high energy yet minimalistic sound in the verses, but when the synths come in on the chorus it sends Ella's glorious vocals straight to the skies above. It's the plucky guitar that sends a shockwave into the track, that'll having you loving this one all the way through. Give up control to Ella Rae on this one below. 

Friday, July 21, 2017

Fuck They

NYC duo SOFI TUKKER are at it again with killer new track "Fuck They". This one's a big middle finger to anyone who tries to hold you back, and it's also a pretty bouncy track to dance your heart out to. The verses are icy cold, but things heat up fast once the chorus kicks in. Light a fire and screw the haters with this one below.

Come Home

New Zealand producer BAYNK and rising artist Shallou team up together on chill new single "Come Home". Backed by BAYNK's dreamy summer production, Shallou delivers smooth vocals that flow through the melancholy sounds. It's a shimmering cool track that'll guide you through final months of summer. Check this one below.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

No One's Gonna Save You

LA's Madeleine Rosenthal is emerging on her debut single "No One's Gonna Save You". Having a background in jazz, funk, and soul, she dive head first into the indie pop realm on this one. It's got a beautiful 90s vibe with its glooming production. Her vocals are flawless as they flow with ease through the melodies to the powering chorus. Get familiar with this new face to the scene below.


Our favorite Aussies, Tigertown, are making their return in a big way on new single "Warriors". After busting out a stelar EP this last year, the band isn't stopping the momentum. This new one is an instant summer anthem as the verses wrap you warm and tight with the lights down low just until the chorus lights up the sky as you dance on your rooftop with your summer fling. Tigertown is here to fight for that summer love!


LA queer pop duo TWINKIDS returned last with with their latest single "Overdressed". This tune is a  stelar new one that has the duo wrapped in flowing melodies in the verses that fall into the likes of Perfume Genius. When the full chorus kicks in, things swing to a more lively sound that'll definitely get you feet moving. "Overdressed" comes from the duo's Boys Love EP out August 18th via Om Records. Until then, get reacquainted with this duo below.


CUT_ are back with their new single "Electrify" that'll shock you to your core. Build upon icy beats, the melodies are energized by the atmospheric synths that spin the chorus up into the sky. There's an overall chilling sound to the track, but its packed with so much energy that you're locked in this in-between state of hot and cold. Get electrified below.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Je Ne Sais Quoi

Earlier this year Belgium's SHE Major emerged on her debut single that introduced the world to her smokey pop sound. She returns on "Je Ne Sais Quoi", a track that boosts her rise to a whole new level. The dreamy production floats off in the distance with its glistening pianos while SHE Major's vocals flow smoothly over the beats. The strings add the final touch to the overall sound giving it an elegance that can't be found anywhere else. Press play below, and prepare to say "wow". 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Leeds trio PEAKES are back with their second single "Saint". Instantly finding ground similar to London Grammar, PEAKES build themselves into a more vibrant sound that dances with color ever so slightly like Fickle Friends. The production in the verses is simplistic with its echoing guitar strums up until the bass and drums roar into the chorus. It's a stunning track that continues to set this new band up for success. Get familiar below.

Why Hide It

Gabe Acheson aka Goldwash is getting funky on his new EP. "Why Hide It" is the first taste from this upcoming release. Trading in his brooding synths for soothing saxes, Goldwash washes you over with his bluesy melodies that emits an overall glowing heat. It's a track you'll be vibing out to for days on end. Take your first sip of this new Godlwash-era below.

Monday, July 17, 2017


17-year-old Millie Turner emerges today on her stellar debut single "Underwater" accompanied by a simplest yet stellar video that's already making waves. Instantly from the beginning you'll be able to find an easy comparison to Robyn in the production, but Millie's vocals come across more light and delicate. There's traces of Maggie Roger's folk-pop qualities in Millie's vocals and lyrics, but the track builds itself up to bright burning banger. One listen and you'll get a rush knowing that Millie is something extraordinary sitting at the bottom of the ocean ready to come up for air. Dive into the deep end on this one above. 


NOVAA is becoming quite the collaborator. Having already teamed up with Moglii in the past and featured on countless tracks, she's teaming up with LO on a whole new project. The first taste we get is "Lights". This one's a perfected electro masterpiece with chiming synths bells that build the foundation of the track. NOVAA's vocals glisten brighter than ever in the verse with the spacious sound until the pulsing synths fuse their way into the chorus setting a icy cold fire at the base of the sound. Check out this new project below, because its bound to be something great!

Friday, July 14, 2017


Melbourne's mysterious Life is Better Blonde has been making quite the splash with his latest single "Easy". The track has gotten massive attention for good reason. It builds upon R&B vocals that fall into the likes of Jaymes Young while embracing the vocals effects of Michl. The production is simplistic for the most part with its aggressive punch-like beats keeping the track driving along. It's towards the end that you get brought into soulful sounds that surge like Kevin Garrett making you swoon at every note. Fall for this one below. 

Right Track

French producer Dim Sum teamed up with Nina Lili J on his latest track "Right Track". This track is packed with sparkling beats that lift Nina's vocals to new heights. It's a grooving track that glistens in the night like a star in the distant. This is the first taste of Dim Sum's upcoming EP due out this fall. For now, dance your night away to this one below.

Can You Hear Me Now

Phoenix-based artist UPSAHL is the latest young pop songstress to emerge on to the scene with her latest song "Can You Hear Me Now". With vocals that fall into the gentleness of Billie Eilish, UPSAHL delivers a catchy chorus packed with the purest of pop vocals. It's a glorious little tune that perfectly introduces you to a new potential pop icon. Introduce yourself below.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Swedish duo BC Unidos emerged last month on their debut single "Bicycle" featuring Shungudzo. This sun-soaked track falls in the lines of a retro 70s vibe brought directly to the 21st century. It's a track that'll work its way into your mind with its catchy hooks and will hold you hostage all the way through. It falls along the lines of a more pop-centered Jungle-like sound riding off into the blazing summer sun. Take a ride on this one below.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Ring Of Fire

18 year-old IOLITE has set a massive blaze with her latest single "Ring of Fire". The verses have this dance like feel as the production surges with burning synths as IOLITE as fuel to this fire. The chorus comes in scorching hot as the production grows and the flames reach for the sky. There's no doubt you can find the comparison in IOLITE's sound to the likes of Lorde and Broods, but she absolutely creates her own style on this track. Feel the burn from this one below.

Call U Out

LA-based LeyeT first made her debut earlier this year with buzzy track "Don't Make Me Cry". She now returns with her second offering "Call U Out". Built upon a simplistic guitar strums, LeyeT deliver stunning vocals that are unique to herself. The production is simplistic yet powerful as it morphs itself int so calm electro hit in the chorus. LeyeT is quickly proving herself as a indie songstress that stands out among the pack. Get familiar below.

Spinning On Blue

Nashville trio Bien are continuing their climb after lighting up the blogsphere not so long ago with their debut EP. On "Spinning On Blue", Bien capture a melancholy indie sound that's delicate in melody. The vocals fall in line with Say Lou Lou, while their sound builds itself a foundation in the indie realm. It's a glorious track that has Bien right on track to continue to grow as a prominent act on the rise. Check out this one below.

Friday, June 30, 2017


Marna emerges this month from the flames on debut single "Crossfire". This London-based singer has given us a track that's powerful yet minimal in production. There's echoing drums that distance themselves far enough from Marna's stellar vocals allowing them to soar to the heavens above. As the track continues to grow to the end, siren-like synths blare out creating a completely emotional atmosphere that will send you into a state of awe. We're expecting big things from Marna this year a she's set to drop a full EP. Until then, get familiar with her on "Crossfire" below.


Wingtip is at it again with his latest release "Walls". On this one he teams up with vocalist Delacey to create a track with all the potentials of being a massive hit. Built from a simple guitar, this track channels all the vibes of a pop hit. Delacey's vocals are bright and glisten over Wingtips powering production. One listen and you'll be blasting this on repeat. Check it out below.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Pink Letters

WWWater first caught our attention earlier this year with her self-titled debut single. Having proven herself as a true rising talent just off of one single, we've waited patiently for what was to come next. This week, she delivers her second offering "Pink Letters", a track that dives into the ideas of how we all experience set backs and sometimes forget about the happiness we experience along the way. The track itself is gorgeously minimal. It embraces a simplistic beat that pushes the track along allowing for WWWater's vocals to glisten above the subtle synths. The accompanying video is an excellent touch as it embraces a homemade approach and ultimately ties back into the overall meaning of the track. WWWaters is set to release her debut EP this September, but for now, find a bit of happiness in "Pink Letters" above. 


LA's Maxx emerges on her debut single "Glitch". This HIGHxLAND produced track has a touch of a DIY sound with its fuzzy synths that rumble below Maxx's vocals tiptoeing delicately over beats. The lyrics dive into the concept of falling in love with the idea of someone, but knowing the end is inevitable. It's a brooding track that brings the doom and gloom in the best ways possible. Embrace the dark side on this one below.


Cassie Marin is setting the summer mood on her latest single "Light". It's a sun-soaked track that has hits on chill tropical beats while delivering classic pop melodies. One listen and you'll be transported to the beach ready to embrace the summer and all it has to offer. Embrace the summer season with this one below. 


Blood Cultures first emerged about four years ago on the blog-sphere as a faceless act. His debut single "Indian Summer" caught wind and carried on through the years as an underground indie hit with its chill psychedelic sound. After stepping away for a bit, Blood Cultures returns with his latest single "Moon" off of his upcoming debut album Happy Birthday. Instantly catching you from the start with it's glitchy synth production, "Moon" is laced with spacious vocals that sound raw yet perfected. When the chorus kick in, the synths grow stronger sailing the track new heights. Blood Cultures emits a true DIY sound that has been missing from the New York scene for the past couple years. With the success of this single, Blood Cultures is going to become a New York underground icon. Happy Birthday drops July 21st. 

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Glad You Stayed

Lunar is a new artist from London who's emerging on her single "Glad You Stayed". Built upon piano chords that fall in the likes of Oh Wonder, Lunar delivers stellar vocals that are effortless and perfectly complimented by the surging production. It's a beautiful track that remains chill throughout but keeps your attention all the way through. Get addicted to Lunar below.

Sky Doesn't Blue

LA's Saro is gearing up for the release of his upcoming sophomore EP with his latest single "Sky Doesn't Blue". He gives us glorious pop melodies that twist their way around brooding synths. Saro's vocals come clean with pure precision as they pierce through the fog and emerge brighter than ever.  Check this one below.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Holding On

After a 3 year hiatus, HUGOwho finally returns on new single "Holding On". Giving us his deep yet delicate vocal melodies, he laces the track with echoing synth effects and pop hooks that create a pleasant soundscape that's chill yet powerful. "Holding On" is the first track off of his upcoming Another EP that's due out this year. Reintroduce yourself with HUGOwho below.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Melis has finally made her proper debut with "Flower". After testing the waters with demo "Love Song Idea" this spring, Melis emerges on a jaw dropping single that'll touch your soul with her delicate vocals. The production is calm through the beginning allowing Melis to stay at the forefront of the track. Her melodies have you swooning all the way to the end where the production takes its full effects while still allowing Melis to be the star of the track. On the tracks meaning, Melis mentions, "The sentiment of the song is that going through sadness and being in a dark place isn’t forever. There is hope and better things, if only one doesn’t give up. This song is the encouragement for that." We can expect more from Melis in 2017 as she's planning to release a full EP. For now, get familiar below.


Hot on the heels of their debut EP, EXES are back with their latest single "Cain". Backed by dark, minimalistic production, EXES push the limits with the slow ballad melodies that tiptoe around the beats of the drums. Allie's vocals float delicately through the track, creating a beautiful soundscape that'll have you feeling all the feels. Check this one below.


London's Minke first had heads turning on her debut single that came out earlier this year. She continues her rise into the indie world with her follow-up single "Armour". Minke embraces her soulful vocals on this one that emerge gloriously over the echoing production that's driven by a trickling guitar. It's a celebratory track about being vulnerable, that'll have you letting go of all your fears. Just one listen to Minke and there's no doubt she'll land herself on your daily playlist. Check this one below, and discover your new favorite artists Minke.


Danish duo Blondage continue to roll out the pop hits with their latest single "BOSS". Packed with pop melodies that dance over carefree synths, this one gives off all the vibes that'll have you dancing around the room. Although the track gives off this overall happy vibe, the lyrics dive into the ideas of the rich and the overspending while others have nothing. Check this one below.

Thinking Of U

J Tropic is back with his latest single "Thinking Of U". Steaming with elements of hip-hop, trap, house, and R&B, he showcase his true talents of crafting massive underground hits. It's a summery track that'll be sending a massive heat wave your way. Feel the fire on this one below.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Used To It

We're a bit behind on Ashe, but who cares. She's a superstar on the rise with her first solo single "Used To It". It's the perfect track to rush into summer with as it's laced in sun soaked melodies as Ashe's vocals find their unique ground throughout the track. Press play below, and feel that summer sun.

Know By Now

Nashville-based artist SITA returns on her latest single "Know By Now". Her vocals dive into the realm of NOVAA as they warp their way through minimalistic synths and a trap-like beat. It's a pop track that's falling right in it's prime. Keep an eye on this one, because there's something bubbling under there surface here.

Monday, June 19, 2017


Brooklyn-based Sorcha Richardson has released one of the most beautiful tracks we've heard this year. "4AM"floats gently with Sorcha's delicate singer-songwriter melodies that are perfectly complemented by her lyrics that dive into ideas of not blaming yourself anymore when things go wrong. It's the depth-defying synths in the chorus that take this one to a whole new level, creating a stunning masterpiece you won't get enough of. Embrace this one below.


When Rasmus Littauer isn't drumming behind rising pop superstar MØ, he's releasing music under the name School of X. His first single "Words" was released earlier this year as a demo version, but he's now released it officially. Rasmus's vocals are magnetic throughout the tracks entirety as the production dives into the likes of Flume with alternative genre twist. It's a dark tropical hit that's the perfect introduction for School of X. Get familiar below, because we can definitely expect more this year from School of X.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Run For It

After emerging on her self-titled EP last year and crossing over the Pacific for SXSW this spring, Australia's Woodes returns on her best single yet. "Run For It" is a straight up indie pop banger right out the gate. Its the pounding drums that drive the track while Woodes's vocals blissfully dance in the foggy atmosphere of the production. Her lyrics are mystifying as they roll over the melodies like a raging storm. Stay quick on this one because Woodes is out for the kill on this one.

Thursday, June 15, 2017


It's finally official; Anna of the North is releasing their long-awaited debut album this September. Along with the announcement, they give us their latest release "Lovers". Delivering that Scandinavian pop sound that we can't get enough of, Anna of the North give us a full-on 80s influenced track. Packed with surging synths that twirl in the night like the northern lights, Anna of the North's melodies flutter in their purest form throughout the tracks entirety. There's a lot of excitement around this release; we've seen Anna of the North emerge with a demo a few years back, grow through stelar single after stelar single, and now to releasing a full length album. Big things are happening. Join in below.


Swedish duo Snow Culture have been delivering some dark pop magic ever since they made their debut earlier this year. Recently, they released a cover of Maroon 5's "Cold", taking it to a whole new level of indie pop perfection. It's Snow Culture's ice cold synths that bring a new level of cool to this track. The vocals echo in the dead of night sending chills down your spine. It's that dark pop cover of dreams, and we just can't get enough. Get some chills below.

Long Ago

25 year-old singer-songwriter Miles Hardt emerges on his debut single "Long Ago". The track is driven by an acoustic guitar, but catches you by surprise with its powering synth infused chorus. His lyrics fall into a story telling-like vibe, almost landing among the folk genre while remaining indie pop at the same time. Miles has properly introduced himself on this track and there's much more on the horizon for him. Get familiar below.


We've been long time lovers of NYC duo KNGDAVD. Their previous releases have all featured stellar songwriting embraced by solid hooks and pure-pop production. On their latest release "Shame", this duo continue to embrace their classic sound while bringing some buzzing R&B vibes. It's powered by their undeniable hooks that will work their way deep into you mind. One listen and you'll be humming this one for days on end. Get hooked below.


UK-based Kate Lomas returns on her new single "Ecstasy". Kate's melodies are blissful as they dance over the atmospheric production creating completely weightless feeling. It's when the chorus kicks in the production launches you to the heavens you're floating among the clouds. It's a pure-pop track that's bound to get you hook after one listen. Land among the clouds with this one below.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Gold Rush

Brixton-bred artist Sam Frankl makes his lyrics the focus on his latest track "Gold Rush". The lyrics deliver a story that'll holds your attention tight. This indie pop track has hints of bluesy melodies that dance across the summery production. It's when the beat kicks in things really start heating up, creating the perfect compliment to Sam's impeccable lyric abilities. By the end of the track you'll be a full-on meltdown as you feel the energy continue from this track. Feel the rush on this one below.


BAUM emerges on her new single "First". The verses are light and backed by a simplistic piano accompaniment as BAUM's vocals shine bright. The chorus is roaring and blues inspired as it dances on the line of getting gritty and remaining pure pop. It's a stellar single that's just the beginning for this songstress. Get familiar below.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Scandinavian dream-pop trio Postilijonen are back with their latest single "Crazy". If you're familiar with their previous releases, you'll recognize their signature sound on this one as they launch you into this heavens with their vintage 80s sound. The melody is backed by glorious harmonies in the verses as they drive themselves into a beautiful chorus that shines bright like the sun. It's a solid comeback single that's setting the tone of what's to come from this trio. Take a trip to the heavens below.

Why'd You Let Me Out

Australian producer Wayfarer// has teamed up with NOVAA on his latest track "Why'd You Let Me Out" off of his upcoming EP. Wayfarer// builds a mountainous soundscape on this one that's chill to the touch yet grooving with R&B beats that bring a warmth to the track. NOVAA's vocals are the icing on the track as they flow effortlessly with the production. Wayfarer// and NOVAA have deliver a true summertime bop with this one. Let it soundtrack your summer below.
Wayfarer//'s EP is slated for release for later this year.

So Real

Belgium's Oscar & the Wolf returns on his latest release "So Real". Driven by extraterrestrial synths, this one holds tight to Oscar & the Wolf's original territory. It's dark and mysterious, pulling you in with the powering chorus that throws you deeper into a vortex. It's a stand out track showcasing what's to come next from Oscar & the Wolf. Check it below.

Thursday, June 1, 2017


Swedish producer Mountain Bird teams up with Autrey on his latest single "Cliché". It's dark and gloomy, but filled with glowing synths that surge their way through the dead of night in the chorus. The track flows some smooth and effortlessly that you'll be listening to it on repeat for days on end. Check this one below.