Saturday, August 20, 2016

Picks Of The Week - Aug 20th

For all of our favorite tracks of the month, check out our playlist here.

Artist: FOURS
Song: Painful to Watch
FOURS had us hooked this last year with some stellar tracks that introduced the world to their indie pop/rock sound. Their back with "Painful to Watch" and everything about it will have you hooked.

Artist: The Landing
Song:Stars in Motion
The Landing has been giving us the smooth electro-pop vibes over the last three years. He returns with Stars in Motion which channels a Mutemath sound, ready to get your body moving.

Artist: Psychic Love
Song: Ultralight
The rocker vibes have found their way back into pop music ever since B├śRNS graced us with his sound. With Psychic Love, we get that similar sound. It's a grooving rock track laced with a solid melody that'll have you drifting away. 

Artist: STEELE
Song: Deep Water
Sweden's STEELE has racked in the hype with her previous singles. Back this week with "Deep Water", she dives into the darkest waves as she delivers haunting melodies over a surging production. 

Artist: Graveyard Club
Song: Cellar Door
Minneapolis has a growing indie scene that might not get worldwide recognition right now, but it definitely deserves some further attention. Graveyard Club are part of this scene and know how to deliver a chill electro-laced track.

Song: Maryam
Switzerland's MARTINEZ are an act you're going to want to keep an eye on. Perfect pop melodies over stellar production that finds itself warming every inch of your body.


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