Wednesday, June 8, 2016

[PREMIERE] Blindfolds (French Horn Rebellion Remix)

We've had our eye on Rilan for quite some time ever since he had the chemicals reacting on his bombshell debut. Just in time for the summer season, he gives us "Blindfolds", featuring Naz Tokio, that's a heated jam ready to melt you away. Today, we get French Horn Rebellion's remix of this one, premiering below. This track already builds on the hotness of a steamy house-based production that chimes with the likes of Clean Bandit, but French Horn Rebellion cool things down a bit with their relaxed beats and beach-ready guitars. The track goes into full on heater when the remix throws in a killer french horn solo that's hot and heavy. It's a full 180 spin taking a club-ready track from the dead of night and dropping it in the light of day. "It's inspiring to hear how others interpret my music. I never would have thought I'd hear Blindfolds as a tropical summer pool party banger, but here it is," Rilan mentioned when asked about the remix. Take a sip below of this tropical remix as you soak in the sun just letting those summer months slip away.

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