Thursday, June 30, 2016


Sydney's Billy Fox has been on our radar over the past few years. His latest track "Avalanche" caught our attention as a soulful masterpiece that chimes with the likes of Lewis Del Mar with its roaring guitars echoing in the background. The melodies echo off of the mountains as it soars to new heights with each breath. Listen below.


POWERS are back this week with feel-good anthem "Sunshine" that's ready to give you all those warm fuzzy feelings inside. Riding in on those sunny synths and banging dance beat, this duo eliminates the clouds in the sky and delivers a clear blue hit. It's a true summertime hit that's setting the tone for POWERS highly anticipated album due out this fall. Let the sun rain down with this one.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Say It Again

KINGDM are the dream team that we've been on the hunt for. Having already won us over with two singles (one featuring superstar on the rise Kevin Garrett), they give us "Say It Again". Wrapped in a melody that's lighting strong, the production echoes high above the treetops with its banging tropical beat. One listen and you'll be ready to make this one of your tracks of the summer. Listen below.

Take It Easy

LA's Moons Of Mars have been on our radar over the past year as a duo that is bound to break. This last week, they brought us their latest release "Take It Easy", and it's a pure hit with its desert guitars cruising through the heat. There's a taunting melody that hypnotizes you at first listen, pulling you into those indulgent hooks melting under the scorching sun. One listen and you'll be locked in a steaming daze for days on end. Indulge in the heat below with this one.

Thursday, June 16, 2016


Already receiving the stamp of approval from the likes of Pharrell earlier this year (we gave ours 2 years ago), Maggie Rogers has been the act everyone has been paying attention to this year with the need for her highly anticipated final cut of "Alaska". It's finally here, and the wait was well worth it. Smooth as a black morning coffee, Maggie gives us a dripping production that's bouncy yet calm. Her vocals are warm yet chilling like a breezy blowing off the tundra during the summer months as she swoops in melodies that chime with the likes of Sylvan Esso. With an instant hit like this you'd imagine that there isn't much room for growth, but we know Maggie's destine to break the glass ceiling and place herself among the stars of tomorrow. Get familiar below.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Jep Shuffle

London's Holy '57 first came onto the scene just under a year ago with a debut that was hard-hitting and satisfied our alternative needs. Prepping for the release of his second EP, Holy '57 gives us "Jep Shuffle". Laced in those summertime guitars that chime with the likes of Vampire Weekend, this one will have you dancing like the reflecting sun on a clear blue water. It's hot yet chill with twirling glimmers of happiness swirled in. It's the perfect soundtrack for hanging by the pool. Lay out below. 

Friday, June 10, 2016

Good Girl

NYC's Dominique has found herself as the rising pop star of our dreams over this last year. After showing extensive growth with each release, she's managed to win our hearts, and she's never letting go. Today, she returns with her latest single "Good Girl" off of her upcoming EP due out later this year. With crystal clear vocals that come soft yet stronger than steel, Dominique chimes in the likes of Lana Del Rey as her melodies dance around the stars. The production (all done herself) is fueled by hypnotizing plucking of strings captured by the swirling synths. The chorus lands itself higher than we ever expected as we get hints of Britney mixing with Tsar B. Get ready because Dominique isn't one to be messed with. She's here for the long haul! 

Thursday, June 9, 2016


Brighton's Phoria have been one of our favorites for quite some time ever since they burst onto our radar a few years back. Taking strides into a new era of Phoria, this 5-piece have released their debut album Volition, which is a true stunner. "Loss" comes from this masterpiece, building on that classic Phoria sound of haunting electronics that are chilling and smooth to the touch. It's the flowing melodies accompanied by the heavenly strings that push this track to new heights as it breaks through the ceiling and soars to the heavens. Phoria have proven their truest form on this track which has made them a timeless act in the indie scene. Soar with the gods on this one below.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

West Coast

Hitting the ground running today is London's Junior Empire with their cruising debut "West Coast". This one's driven by a classic 90s production that's reminiscent of those evenings driving off into the blazing sunset. The verse hit you with a borderline-spoken melody that subtly hard as it leads into a catching melody where you're caught in the lyrics saying "I feel like driving". The chorus hits you speeding fast with a full pack of energy. Junior Empire have delivered a wonderful debut ready to keep you relaxed yet on the edge of your seat as you wait for more from them later this year. For now, hit the road with this one as your soundtrack.

[PREMIERE] Blindfolds (French Horn Rebellion Remix)

We've had our eye on Rilan for quite some time ever since he had the chemicals reacting on his bombshell debut. Just in time for the summer season, he gives us "Blindfolds", featuring Naz Tokio, that's a heated jam ready to melt you away. Today, we get French Horn Rebellion's remix of this one, premiering below. This track already builds on the hotness of a steamy house-based production that chimes with the likes of Clean Bandit, but French Horn Rebellion cool things down a bit with their relaxed beats and beach-ready guitars. The track goes into full on heater when the remix throws in a killer french horn solo that's hot and heavy. It's a full 180 spin taking a club-ready track from the dead of night and dropping it in the light of day. "It's inspiring to hear how others interpret my music. I never would have thought I'd hear Blindfolds as a tropical summer pool party banger, but here it is," Rilan mentioned when asked about the remix. Take a sip below of this tropical remix as you soak in the sun just letting those summer months slip away.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Traveling Blind

Wandering their way into our sound-sphere today is Belgium's Faces On TV with "Traveling Blind" off of their debut EP. This Gent four-piece deliver a perfected combo of alt-pop mixing with the classic tones of rock nestled deep below the surface. There's hints of The Neighbourhood wandering as popping synths surface with a blinding light from the opaque strums of the guitars. One listen and you'll be glad you've traveled into the world of Faces On TV. Close your eyes and get lost below.

Monday, June 6, 2016


Belgium's been making their way to the top of the pack this year with some pretty amazing acts emerging onto the scene. Of these acts is Felix Pallas who first worked their way into our lives with their hit debut "Rakata". Surging their way back into our listening realm, they deliver follow up single "Curse" that's a rushes with the glowing neon coolness. The track builds around this calming sense that still posses an overall epic feeling ready to burst at the seams. It's a good kind of poison that's haunting yet addicting to the taste. Relish in this one below.

Love You With The Lights On

morgxn is the freshest act to come wandering out of Nashville with ominous debut "Love You With The Lights On". Crushing on that 90s dream production, he embraces the pulling back and forth between each surging synth. It's got a subtle yet powerful crashing feeling of the midnight wave hitting the shoreline, ready to have you lost in a state on insomnia. Get "wanderlost" below

Friday, June 3, 2016

Take Me Dancing

Will Jospeh Cook managed to work his way into our hearts this last year with stellar track after stellar track. Continuing his rise into being an indie household name, he gives the world "Take Me Dancing". This one is the perfectly track to embrace as you're cruising on those summer ray guitars and reminiscing about summer past. It's a sync ready hit that's bound to work it's way into all of those romantic movies we are all suckers for. We haven't been disappointed by any of Will's releases and he's definitely a name you're going to see everywhere in no time (especially on the festival circuit this summer). Until then, dance your way through the summer with this one.


Rationale's been HOT as of lately and for good reason. Coming off of a glorious debut EP last year, Rationale is prepping for his highly anticipated full-length dropping this fall. Leading us into this new era of Rationale's project is burner "Palms". Fueled by the trickling guitars, this track slowly lights up the night with Rationale's vocals coming gloriously from above. It's cool to the touch yet scorching as you dive deeper. The fire's lit and it's ready to rage!