Tuesday, May 31, 2016

[PREMIERE] Little White Lies

NYC's Micky Blue first caught our attention last year with her stellar debut EP that was a power-packed bundle of excellence. Today, Micky is back with the premiere of the video for her latest track "Little White Lies". Teaming up with Michael Hazani (Qualia) and Harlan Silverman, this Jay Marcovitz track centers itself around the energies of a relationship sinking into a sea of lies. The video stars Micky herself, along with the Ilana Gabrielle and Ryan Castro, locked in a darkened scene that plays with notes of eeriness. It's a revenge seeking brilliance that stays true to Micky's DIY roots. The song itself shines with its 90s pop production and those dynamic vocals that shine through the darkness. Check out the premiere above, and prepare to have you dreams haunted in the best way possible.



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