Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Cold War

NYC's Kiah Victoria emerges today out of the smoke and into the skies with her official debut "Cold War". Having been around the NYC music scene (spending a lot of time in the NYU scene to be specific), this artist comes ready for the world to embrace her as a true talent that will defeat the tests of time. "Cold War" comes smooth as silk with its chill R&B production that only compliments Kiah's phenomenal vocals that are almost sent from the heavens. One listen and you'll feel a rush of emotions hit you; you'll feel grief but happiness all locked into the melodies and lyrics. It's the perfect intro to who we believe will be one of the next biggest female stars to shine in the pop-sphere. It's a great first taste of what's to come in her forthcoming EP. Until then, embrace this one as it's bound to be the start of something wonderful.

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