Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Cold War

NYC's Kiah Victoria emerges today out of the smoke and into the skies with her official debut "Cold War". Having been around the NYC music scene (spending a lot of time in the NYU scene to be specific), this artist comes ready for the world to embrace her as a true talent that will defeat the tests of time. "Cold War" comes smooth as silk with its chill R&B production that only compliments Kiah's phenomenal vocals that are almost sent from the heavens. One listen and you'll feel a rush of emotions hit you; you'll feel grief but happiness all locked into the melodies and lyrics. It's the perfect intro to who we believe will be one of the next biggest female stars to shine in the pop-sphere. It's a great first taste of what's to come in her forthcoming EP. Until then, embrace this one as it's bound to be the start of something wonderful.

Superstitious (Chris McClenney Remix)

Typically when a track receives massive attention the remixes tend to go unnoticed. In the case of MKTO's "Superstitious", this is the complete opposite. Teaming up with Maryland's Chris McClenney, this track launches itself into a club ready track that delivers a totally funky vibes laced with classic R&B. There's couldn't have been a better combination on a remix of this level. It's hot and heavy yet cool to the touch. The perfect jam to fuel those summer nights. Let your summer start below.

[PREMIERE] Little White Lies

NYC's Micky Blue first caught our attention last year with her stellar debut EP that was a power-packed bundle of excellence. Today, Micky is back with the premiere of the video for her latest track "Little White Lies". Teaming up with Michael Hazani (Qualia) and Harlan Silverman, this Jay Marcovitz track centers itself around the energies of a relationship sinking into a sea of lies. The video stars Micky herself, along with the Ilana Gabrielle and Ryan Castro, locked in a darkened scene that plays with notes of eeriness. It's a revenge seeking brilliance that stays true to Micky's DIY roots. The song itself shines with its 90s pop production and those dynamic vocals that shine through the darkness. Check out the premiere above, and prepare to have you dreams haunted in the best way possible.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Cold To The Touch

RALPH is proving to be the new popular girl in town with her latest ice-cold single "Cold To The Touch". Hailing from Toronto (previous home of killer queen Allie X), RALPH comes gliding in on that 80s pop production that chimes in the likes of Shura. The lyrics deliver the straight up message of staying true to your own feelings while letting a previous summer fling down easy. It's pumped with girl power that drives it to a whole new level of cool summer time anthem. Press play, and feel the chill.

Fall Apart

NYU is a treasure trove of hidden talent ready to burst. We've seen the likes of Phoebe Ryan and Kevin Garrett find their starting points here leading them to bigger and better things. Turning heads now is Warren Wolfe, who's proving to be that ultra cool kid from the block who's wearing his heart on his sleeve. There's hints of James Blake laced into his vocals that come ice cold to the touch while building upon the soulful rush of Kevin Garrett. It's the perfect soundtrack to those mornings as the sunlight slowly glistens off the Brooklyn rooftops. One listen and you'll get that icy cold taste you've been longing for in this heat. Get refreshed below.


Pittsburg has been a city that's home to some great names in the indie scene. Each year, we tend to find another hidden gem ready to be showcased to the world. flowers de moon are the latest act to emerge from here with "Symbiotic". Building on echoing vocals and a hard hitting electro beat this duo builds upon vivid verses that drizzle you with chilling water as it flows into the energy of the chorus. There's traces of Emerson Jay's smooth vibes merging with the harmonic pleasures of Sylvan Esso. It's a truly psychedelic one that's magnetic in every tone. One listen and you won't be able to escape the attraction.