Monday, April 11, 2016


Italy's Giungla has been making waves for a short while, but those waves have been strong enough for our ears to take notice. Now teaming up with our friends at Factory Flaws, Giungla is ready to launch herself to new heights with her latest release "Sand". Pulling on those mysterious echoes of the guitars, Giungla lets her lyrics come front and center as her vocals glaze over the production in a ominous sense as the sands of time tick away. There's hints of Daughter laced in the haunting aspects of this track, but fully manages to land itself into the pop sphere at the same time.  Giungla has arrived ready to break the mold that's been set by the indie scene over these past few years. She takes steps away from the expected synth sound and is showcasing that indie rock is truly timeless. Drop yourself into this one below.


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