Monday, April 4, 2016

Never Enough

Oyinda has been drawing eyes in her direction over the past year (and even earlier) as she surged onto the scene with a noteworthy debut EP that only gave the world a slight taste of the talent this girl holds. Surging back onto the scene this year, she came hot and heavy with her latest single "Never Enough". This last week Oyinda kept the heat going as she released the video compliment to this already perfected track. Pulling on ties of Christine and the Queens with her crisp choreography while sporting the lady suit, Oyinda builds herself into the makings of a new Aaliyah meshing with FKA Twigs. While building on these ties to some current and past legends, Oyinda delivers an entire presences of her own as she hits you with a fierce glance while effortlessly wrapping her melodies into the darkness. "Never Enough" comes off her upcoming Restless Minds EP off of her own record label Blood & Honey. Get ready because we are sensing even bigger things from this one. 

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