Saturday, April 30, 2016

Losing Any Sleep

Earlier this year we got a first taste of Elle Watson's glorious talent with a debut that soothed every inch of our soul. This week, she's back and ready to storm her way to the top with "Losing Any Sleep". Surging in on those synth horns, Elle twirls in her melodies as the production pushes itself closer and closer to the ultimate breaking point. Elle's vocals come effortlessly as this track pushes to a point where it all drops out and you're caught in complete suspension. There's traces of that classic 90s Aaliyah intertwined throughout but with that modern taste of electronic based beats. Take cover now because this storm is one you're aren't going to sleep through.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Mokita is the newest producer to pop up on the scene this week with a collab from label mate (South By Sea) KAPTAN. Starting to light up the sky already, Mokita delivers a glimmering debut "Dream". Soaring to the midnight skies, this one builds itself on the tropical hints of Kygo while keeping things surging forward with the inspiration of the galaxies far beyond. KAPTAN's vocals just build upon this already pristine track as they cruise down the starlit highways of your mind. There's so much magic behind this track that it pushes beyond the barrier and launches itself to newer heights with each listen. Dream on below!

Monday, April 11, 2016


Italy's Giungla has been making waves for a short while, but those waves have been strong enough for our ears to take notice. Now teaming up with our friends at Factory Flaws, Giungla is ready to launch herself to new heights with her latest release "Sand". Pulling on those mysterious echoes of the guitars, Giungla lets her lyrics come front and center as her vocals glaze over the production in a ominous sense as the sands of time tick away. There's hints of Daughter laced in the haunting aspects of this track, but fully manages to land itself into the pop sphere at the same time.  Giungla has arrived ready to break the mold that's been set by the indie scene over these past few years. She takes steps away from the expected synth sound and is showcasing that indie rock is truly timeless. Drop yourself into this one below.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


We're starting off April right with London's latest rising star Carmody with her debut offering "Skin". Riding on spin-tingling melodies, this songstress twirls herself around the strumming guitars that groove to the laid back beat as it cruises down the sunset highways of your mind. Carmody's vocals hit you soft and gentle as they soak their way through your skin and find a home in your bloodstream. Carmody built this track with the help of Carassius Gold (co-producer for Jack Garratt's stunners "Worry" and "Weathered), where they were able to capture the essence of a love that lasts no matter how long they've been gone. Let Carmody grace you with her touch below.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Never Enough

Oyinda has been drawing eyes in her direction over the past year (and even earlier) as she surged onto the scene with a noteworthy debut EP that only gave the world a slight taste of the talent this girl holds. Surging back onto the scene this year, she came hot and heavy with her latest single "Never Enough". This last week Oyinda kept the heat going as she released the video compliment to this already perfected track. Pulling on ties of Christine and the Queens with her crisp choreography while sporting the lady suit, Oyinda builds herself into the makings of a new Aaliyah meshing with FKA Twigs. While building on these ties to some current and past legends, Oyinda delivers an entire presences of her own as she hits you with a fierce glance while effortlessly wrapping her melodies into the darkness. "Never Enough" comes off her upcoming Restless Minds EP off of her own record label Blood & Honey. Get ready because we are sensing even bigger things from this one.