Tuesday, March 29, 2016


We've been crushing hard on Ofelia K ever since she won our hearts with her tear-jerking debut last year. Today, Ofelia keeps things going as she soars in on that burning heat wave from the south with "Cinco". Sweeping us off our feet, Ofelia vocals come across cute and quirky while embracing the fierceness of a wildfire. As you go deeper into the song it because more intense with every second as it dances with the likes of Zella Day's folky nature while keeping strong to the pop ties Ofelia K has made her own. We're seeing a whole new side of Ofelia K in 2016, and it doesn't get much hotter than this. Dive into the heat below!


KNGDAVD is the newest duo to hit NYC and our newest obsession. With their latest "CIGARETTE", KNGDAVD launch themselves at high speeds directly into your bloodstream with their nicotine packed hooks. This track packs a full-blown punch with the clouded  verses that send the opaque light directly through to the smashing chorus. This duo drives everything home as they infuse you with adrenaline. KNGDAVD are one to keep an eye on as things will only continue to rise from here. Take a hit of your newest addiction below. 

Monday, March 14, 2016

[PREMIERE] Faking It - Video

Last year, Olivia Noelle graced these pages with her single "Faking It", which was one of the best female-empowered singles of 2015. Embracing all of her energy into this track, she proved to the world that nothing is going to stand in her way. Today, Olivia gives the world the perfect video compliment to this killer masterpiece. Teaming up with Dreambear productions and director Jay Sprogell, Olivia crafted a haunting video that plays with light and darkness, while delivering a captivating video that'll engrave these haunting vibes deep into your mind. The video works itself around the idea of self discovery as the mysteriously masked figure taunts Olivia to break out of self deprecation and into the deep end of satisfaction. Olivia finds ways to deliver a message that drives itself so deep in such a simplistic way, creating something so smooth yet filled with all the fierceness of a true star. Take a leap into the deep end with the premiere above!