Wednesday, February 3, 2016


About a year-and-a-half ago Annabel Jones cast a spell on us and then disappeared almost instantaneously leaving us lost in the dark. Today, Annabel returns in all her shinning glory with stunner "IOU", proving the wait was worth it. Annabel comes in delicate like the sunlight pouring in through the window yet powerful and badass with every lyric. The production builds on strong pop notes while delivering a punchy bass line that rattles the ground around your feet. This British girl comes across as witty and edgy as she delivers a truthful track that lands outside of the box of perfected pop star. Nothing about Annabella screams pop queen like Britney or Madonna, but it's this fact that gives her all the power to forge her own path to rule over the kingdom. She's here to make a mark of her own unlike anything another artist has created, and with this one she truly has not disappointed on being honest as an artist. Keep an eye on this one or you'll be hit with the truth with full force!

1 comment:

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