Thursday, February 4, 2016

I Think I'm Fallin' (Manotett Remix)

We've been crushing hard on Dominque ever since she turned our world upside down with her steamy debut. Already with a few killer singles on her plate, things just keep climbing higher with Swedish boys Manotett taking her latest "I Think I'm Fallin'" and infusing it with their icy coolness. Manotett take this originally bubbling pop hit and douse it in the frozen waters of the nordic seas, giving it a soothingly cool new look. This new production builds a whole new realm as it warp Dominique's vocals to a game-changing level that's bound to leave you speechless in the arctic gusts of this remix. There's just something so sweet about this one that truly makes this one of the dream collabs we've been waiting for. Feel the icy breeze on your skin with this one below.

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