Thursday, January 21, 2016

[PREMIERE] Oh Love, How You Break Me Up

Alex Vargas has been shooting for the stars and not missing a single one this past year. Hot off of countless sold out shows both as an opener and on his own tour, Alex is ready to take things far into a whole new realm as he preps for the release of his Giving UP the Ghost EP tomorrow. Premiering on these pages today is another banger from Alex, "Oh Love, How You Break Me Up". Instantly pulling on the audacity of The Weeknd's darkest woes, Alex dive into the deepest parts of his heart awakening the ghosts from another world. Alex builds upon haunting electronics that hypnotize every emotion in your body along with delivering vocals that reach Jack Garratt levels. With eyes already darting towards Alex, there's no doubt that big things are coming on on the horizon for this soon-to-be superstar. Get familiar now because big things are coming!
*Alex's Giving Up the Ghost EP drops tomorrow, January 22, on Copenhagen Records / Locomotion Entertainment.


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