Thursday, January 7, 2016


Hidden Hind have been floating under the radar for just a short minute with shoe-glazed charmer and debut single "Picture Show". Today, this Italian 5-piece continue to take leaps-and-bounds with their follow-up single "Nymphs" off of their debut EP. Grabbing you right from the start with the borderline-haunting guitars, you'll be pulled under Hidden Hind's spell as they dip you in the darkness of their sound. There's something so familiar with their alt-pop vibes that the find themselves compared to the likes of Blouse and Warpaint, but at the same time in this electronic heavy indie scene Hidden Hind's sound comes in as one of the most refreshing and unique works of art we've heard in quite some time. Hidden Hind's debut EP is due out January 13th via Sherpa Records, but until then get lost in the twilight with the exclusive premiere below.

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