Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Mickey Valen has been working behind the scenes producing some top-notch, new talent (EVVY, Micky Blue, Noosa, Jojee) that have all the workings of soon-to-be superstars. Most recently, Mickey has been stepping out from behind the curtain and into the spotlight. With already one sweltering original under his belt, Mickey is premiering his latest collaboration "Hero" with remix superhero Lucian on these pages today. Already surging from the start with a massive wall of energy, featured vocalist Oktavian delivers a burning sensation thats hot at first touch, but icy cool as it works its way under your skin. The verses come silky smooth as the production glides through the stars up until that drop that hits like a cosmic explosion ready to break down down anything in it's path. We're definitely dubbing this as one of the most explosive collaborations of 2016 to date. When you combine fire with fire things only get hotter. Throw a little lighter fluid on that with a stellar vocalist like Oktavian, and the whole world will burn to the ground!


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