Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Hollow Life

Miamigo have spent this last year killing the game with one undeniably addictive release after another, and it's truly paved a path that'll lead this group to delivering bigger and bigger tracks this year. This last week, Miamigo kept things going strong with their grooving remix of Coast Modern's "Hollow Life". Coast Modern's original version has you laying back and taking life in a relaxed vibe you can blast with the windows down. Miamigo take their spin at it by turning the dial up on the tempo and bringing even higher up-beat vibes with the 80s-heavy synths that'll have you strapping on your high-tops and dancing deep into the night. This remix glistens bright even with the bleaching of the sun making it ready to catch your ear with each listen. This Miamigo remix truly fills that hollowness as it washes away the cold of winter and sets a new fire in your soul. Let Coast Modern and Miamigo make you whole with just one listen!