Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Byker Drone

The music scene has been swamped with indie artists playing this game where they are just indie enough to be cool, but also pop enough to try and fast track themselves into the mainstream. Don't get us wrong there's nothing wrong with having those notes of mainstream pop, but after a while it tends to get old. This week, UK band EAT come ready to change the tides with their scuzzy debut "Byker Drone". Speeding right into our guiltiest of pleasure for grungy rock songs, EAT builds upon catchy melodies that are muffled under the roughness of this cut. There's traces of the "old" Brooklyn music scene in EAT's sound (granted they're from across the pond) that brings back nicotine-laced nostalgia with dashes of midnight angst. You'll find your taste buds locked on the aroma of Black Honey mixing with Day Wave, while bring all that ravaging power you just need to rattle your bones. One bite of this one and you'll be caught in a nostalgic high!  


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