Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Mickey Valen has been working behind the scenes producing some top-notch, new talent (EVVY, Micky Blue, Noosa, Jojee) that have all the workings of soon-to-be superstars. Most recently, Mickey has been stepping out from behind the curtain and into the spotlight. With already one sweltering original under his belt, Mickey is premiering his latest collaboration "Hero" with remix superhero Lucian on these pages today. Already surging from the start with a massive wall of energy, featured vocalist Oktavian delivers a burning sensation thats hot at first touch, but icy cool as it works its way under your skin. The verses come silky smooth as the production glides through the stars up until that drop that hits like a cosmic explosion ready to break down down anything in it's path. We're definitely dubbing this as one of the most explosive collaborations of 2016 to date. When you combine fire with fire things only get hotter. Throw a little lighter fluid on that with a stellar vocalist like Oktavian, and the whole world will burn to the ground!


Elle Watson is here to hold us captive, and we are actually quite alright with that. Her debut "Body" is sizzling on the scene this week and ready to melt your heart. There's traces of BANKS hidden deep below the surface that boils into the 90s R&B production that's soothing at every touch. Elle's vocals shine bright like a beacon in the darkness of the production leading you into her reach, where she'll never let you go. It's a call in the dead of night lingering until the morning sun ready to work its way into the depths of your mind and leave an impression that will never be erased. Let Elle grab hold of you on this one and fall victim to her elegance.


You don't always have to bring something elaborate to the table to get the attention you deserve. This is a clear lesson by Boston's new kid johan who's breaking onto the scene this week with his debut "Danger_us". There's a clear DIY-Klyne vibe that's bound to intrigue you as you dip your toes into the icy heat pouring from this one. This sense of simplicity continues as you go deeper into the water, but there's the surging synths that delicately surge to deliver an extra depth. This one's wild yet tame, bearing teeth like a beast yet remaining gentle like a fox. All we know is johan is gearing up to take the world by storm with a debut this great!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

[PREMIERE] Oh Love, How You Break Me Up

Alex Vargas has been shooting for the stars and not missing a single one this past year. Hot off of countless sold out shows both as an opener and on his own tour, Alex is ready to take things far into a whole new realm as he preps for the release of his Giving UP the Ghost EP tomorrow. Premiering on these pages today is another banger from Alex, "Oh Love, How You Break Me Up". Instantly pulling on the audacity of The Weeknd's darkest woes, Alex dive into the deepest parts of his heart awakening the ghosts from another world. Alex builds upon haunting electronics that hypnotize every emotion in your body along with delivering vocals that reach Jack Garratt levels. With eyes already darting towards Alex, there's no doubt that big things are coming on on the horizon for this soon-to-be superstar. Get familiar now because big things are coming!
*Alex's Giving Up the Ghost EP drops tomorrow, January 22, on Copenhagen Records / Locomotion Entertainment.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Holy Days

Jonny Stemp first started working his way into our hearts right at the end of 2015 by sparking a flame with his stainless vocals glistening in the night. Less than a month later, Jonny returns to finally melt our hearts into a puddle with proper debut "Holy Days". Riding on a drizzling darkness caught in a fog, Jonny haunts the accompaniment with his glistening vocals in the verses. He manages to skim over the gloominess of the track as it builds on a wilderness of delicate pianos and cruising guitars. Jonny builds this overwhelming sense of coolness that's chilling at first touch, but after one listen you're thawed into a single light and swept away by the ocean. Ignite your light with this one below!

Byker Drone

The music scene has been swamped with indie artists playing this game where they are just indie enough to be cool, but also pop enough to try and fast track themselves into the mainstream. Don't get us wrong there's nothing wrong with having those notes of mainstream pop, but after a while it tends to get old. This week, UK band EAT come ready to change the tides with their scuzzy debut "Byker Drone". Speeding right into our guiltiest of pleasure for grungy rock songs, EAT builds upon catchy melodies that are muffled under the roughness of this cut. There's traces of the "old" Brooklyn music scene in EAT's sound (granted they're from across the pond) that brings back nicotine-laced nostalgia with dashes of midnight angst. You'll find your taste buds locked on the aroma of Black Honey mixing with Day Wave, while bring all that ravaging power you just need to rattle your bones. One bite of this one and you'll be caught in a nostalgic high!  

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Hollow Life

Miamigo have spent this last year killing the game with one undeniably addictive release after another, and it's truly paved a path that'll lead this group to delivering bigger and bigger tracks this year. This last week, Miamigo kept things going strong with their grooving remix of Coast Modern's "Hollow Life". Coast Modern's original version has you laying back and taking life in a relaxed vibe you can blast with the windows down. Miamigo take their spin at it by turning the dial up on the tempo and bringing even higher up-beat vibes with the 80s-heavy synths that'll have you strapping on your high-tops and dancing deep into the night. This remix glistens bright even with the bleaching of the sun making it ready to catch your ear with each listen. This Miamigo remix truly fills that hollowness as it washes away the cold of winter and sets a new fire in your soul. Let Coast Modern and Miamigo make you whole with just one listen!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Turn Of Time

London/Brighton collective TRUCE introduce themselves to the world with a debut that sounds like one massive throwback. Hauling in all the tricks of a classic 90s R&B hit, TRUCE gives us all those cool kid vibes that'll have the clubs speakers booming deep into the night. There's a hot and heavy connection that has us reminiscing of older times, but there's just something about this collective that's new and shiny to have us hitting repeat. Take a ride on time far beyond the sunset and deep into the steamy nights on this one.

Thursday, January 14, 2016


Elohim has been acting as a true goddess of gloomy pop numbers with burners that had her soaring higher than we ever expected this last year. Ready to grab this year by the reigns, she wraps herself around the new year with her hazy new one "Pigments". Like a project lighting up a screen in a smokey room, Elohim builds upon a vintage vibe that's laced with drops of watercolors. Her vocals smolder their way through the silky synths that have your pulse slowing almost to a halt until the drums instantly send it speeding forward with the highest doses of adrenaline. This one locks you in a double-state of calmness and acceleration constantly rocking you between the two. One listen and Elohim will have you caught in the colors of her vortex with this one.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Something For Nothing

Throughout the last year we've witnessed the rise of London's very own Rationale. With some solid groundwork below his feet from the massive reception of his debut Fuel To The Fire EP, he's kicking off 2016 with a bang with "Something For Nothing". Transfixing you with intergalactic guitars in those first few seconds, you're instantly abducted by Rationale's otherworldly vocals as they're swept up by the whirlwind of midnight-smooth electronics that soar into the chorus. There's the underlying bass-line that just pounds at your soul, ready to set it ablaze. This coming year is looking BIG for Rationale, especially when he's delivering more than just something this earlier on! 

Thursday, January 7, 2016


Hidden Hind have been floating under the radar for just a short minute with shoe-glazed charmer and debut single "Picture Show". Today, this Italian 5-piece continue to take leaps-and-bounds with their follow-up single "Nymphs" off of their debut EP. Grabbing you right from the start with the borderline-haunting guitars, you'll be pulled under Hidden Hind's spell as they dip you in the darkness of their sound. There's something so familiar with their alt-pop vibes that the find themselves compared to the likes of Blouse and Warpaint, but at the same time in this electronic heavy indie scene Hidden Hind's sound comes in as one of the most refreshing and unique works of art we've heard in quite some time. Hidden Hind's debut EP is due out January 13th via Sherpa Records, but until then get lost in the twilight with the exclusive premiere below.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

[VIDEO] Escalate

With only a debut single out, Tsar B has been riding one massive wave as she finds herself listed across the board as "one-to-watch" for 2016. Today, Tsar B continues her rise to the throne with the video compliment for "Escalate". Directed by Maximiliaan Dierickx, we find this already brooding track go ten shades darker with the Arabian dancer summoning the hunt for dark creatures. There's an overflow of mystery behind the video that has your attention locked in, grabbing hold at your consciousness with the possibility of never letting go. It's everything we expected and more to have come from Tsar B making there be no doubt that this new face to the scene will be rising to the likes of FKA twigs and BANKS. Bow down now! 

Monday, January 4, 2016

Some Things

New Year. Same pop domination from Sweden. Meet Sweden's latest, Bishat, with "Some Things", a mashup that's giving us those tingly vibes as we sip our liquor into the dead night. Bishat combines some solid favorites from The Weeknd, Lykke Li, and Daniel Johnston and crafts these hits into a totally new track that'll stand the test of time as a truly iconic piece of art. Bishat's vocals swirls with the likes of Mapei, but awakens your conscious to the beauty of the darkness right before a spark lights the world ablaze. This Swede has truly started a spark that's going burn a path right into our hearts. A fire has started, but it's about to go wild very soon!