Wednesday, December 30, 2015

We'll Find Out

We've been holding out the later part of this month on posting new music until after the new year as we start to roll out some new things on these pages, but alas, we couldn't hold ourselves back with some new faces already grabbing our attention for ones to start watching for 2016. One in particular who caught our eye is Jonny Stemp. Hailing from the UK, Jonny has been slowly drawing the attention of listeners with a few covers, but what made us see all the potential is the release of his "We'll Find Out". Unlike many artists of today who's tracks focus heavily on electronic production, Jonny's style builds upon a piano driven accompaniment that meant for the heavens as his vocals glisten through the clouds of the end of a storm. This one is the light at the end of the tunnel ready to send the emotions speeding fast to your head. Get familiar with Jonny Stemp below because 2016 is looking bright for him!


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