Friday, December 11, 2015

[PREMIERE] Faking It

It's been a hell of a year filled with rising-female stars coming together to drive their power and energy into one massive force to be reckoned with. It's been wonderful to watch the women in music go far and beyond to prove that they are unstoppable in every single way. Joining this wolfpack today is New York's Olivia Noelle with our exclusive premiere of her stellar debut "Faking It". Delivering a total bad ass vibe from the moment her vocals kick in, Olivia wraps you around her finger as she taunts you with all of her super-star energy. With the heavy yet glistening R&B/pop production by Lauv, Olivia finds herself dancing with the comparison of a new age JoJo aligned with the edginess of Charli XCX's female-power. Olivia may find herself in the early state of her career, but it's clear in the way she carries herself that screams she's ready to launch herself among the likes of T-Swift, Marina, and Katy. Keep your eyes on Olivia Noelle for 2016 because there's no denying the star-power coming from this act.


  1. Wishing Olivia Noelle all the best. Been following her for years on YouTube, and waiting for the time she would get that big break. I hope this is it!

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