Thursday, December 31, 2015

People Say

We're all riding on those very ends of 2015, which has been a year packed with new discoveries that have sky rocketed to the top. As we say good bye to this wonderful year, we say hello to a new act that's already surpassed many acts that haven't even come forward for 2016. Seramic dives us deep into the calm waves with "People Say" that's absolutely been sent from the gods. The driven Jack Garratt-gospel vibes trickle down your spine as you float through the still water in the darkest of nights. There's a feeling that gets the hairs on your arms tingling in all the right ways as this one keeps surpassing levels as you dip your toes deeper into the water. Before you realize it you're submerged deep in this slow-motion state of living as the world turns slowly around you and reality takes itself to the backseat. There's definitely something major bubbling on the horizon for Seramic that's screaming this next year is going to dominated by this act. As we wait for more, press play and escape reality as you drift into 2016.