Thursday, December 31, 2015

People Say

We're all riding on those very ends of 2015, which has been a year packed with new discoveries that have sky rocketed to the top. As we say good bye to this wonderful year, we say hello to a new act that's already surpassed many acts that haven't even come forward for 2016. Seramic dives us deep into the calm waves with "People Say" that's absolutely been sent from the gods. The driven Jack Garratt-gospel vibes trickle down your spine as you float through the still water in the darkest of nights. There's a feeling that gets the hairs on your arms tingling in all the right ways as this one keeps surpassing levels as you dip your toes deeper into the water. Before you realize it you're submerged deep in this slow-motion state of living as the world turns slowly around you and reality takes itself to the backseat. There's definitely something major bubbling on the horizon for Seramic that's screaming this next year is going to dominated by this act. As we wait for more, press play and escape reality as you drift into 2016. 

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

We'll Find Out

We've been holding out the later part of this month on posting new music until after the new year as we start to roll out some new things on these pages, but alas, we couldn't hold ourselves back with some new faces already grabbing our attention for ones to start watching for 2016. One in particular who caught our eye is Jonny Stemp. Hailing from the UK, Jonny has been slowly drawing the attention of listeners with a few covers, but what made us see all the potential is the release of his "We'll Find Out". Unlike many artists of today who's tracks focus heavily on electronic production, Jonny's style builds upon a piano driven accompaniment that meant for the heavens as his vocals glisten through the clouds of the end of a storm. This one is the light at the end of the tunnel ready to send the emotions speeding fast to your head. Get familiar with Jonny Stemp below because 2016 is looking bright for him!

Friday, December 11, 2015

[PREMIERE] Faking It

It's been a hell of a year filled with rising-female stars coming together to drive their power and energy into one massive force to be reckoned with. It's been wonderful to watch the women in music go far and beyond to prove that they are unstoppable in every single way. Joining this wolfpack today is New York's Olivia Noelle with our exclusive premiere of her stellar debut "Faking It". Delivering a total bad ass vibe from the moment her vocals kick in, Olivia wraps you around her finger as she taunts you with all of her super-star energy. With the heavy yet glistening R&B/pop production by Lauv, Olivia finds herself dancing with the comparison of a new age JoJo aligned with the edginess of Charli XCX's female-power. Olivia may find herself in the early state of her career, but it's clear in the way she carries herself that screams she's ready to launch herself among the likes of T-Swift, Marina, and Katy. Keep your eyes on Olivia Noelle for 2016 because there's no denying the star-power coming from this act.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Blue & The Green

Over the past couple of years we've seen some massive acts come Good Years (Banks, Francis and The Lights). This week, they introduce us to another powerhouse ready to rise to the top of the rankings, LOYAL. "Blue & The Green" is the perfect introduction to this trio as they dance on the edge of the dusk of a day leading into the hazy neon-nature of the night. The track builds itself on traces of house-like cords with a combination of that vintage indie vibe that delivers a chilling yet burning hot taste in your mouth. The track just keeps picking up steam as it leads from its relaxed feel at the start to this roaring finish where the guitar just blows through everything and has you lost in a California night. It's an introduction to an act that's left us speechless. We're ready to hold on for more from LOYAL! 

Get Away

It's been a well over a year since we last heard from Paperwhite after they caught our attention with all their starting magic. This brother-sister duo is finally back and ready to take their project to a whole new level with their video for "Get Away". This track builds itself around Ben's futuristic tribal drums and production as Katie's vocals take you far into a dream land. The video builds upon this newer sound Paperwhite is crafting with Katie and Ben wandering blindfolded around ocean-side cliffs. It's not until the very end where Katie takes off her blindfold and things break free ascending your dreams to a brighter state of euphoria. Those in the NYC area can catch Paperwhite playing The Knitting Factory on January 10th with tickets here. Get ready to take off with Paperwhite on their knew journey that's out of this world!