Thursday, November 12, 2015


Brandyn Burnette has been a name circulating in our heads over the last year as he's scored himself some songwriting credits with some of our favorite rising artists. This week, Brandyn is prepping to release his debut EP Made Of Dreams, a project that has been based off of five years of struggles in this ever changing industry. Premiering here today is "Down", which is a burner ready to scorch your skin with every touch. Teaming up with Lewis Hughes for production, this track catches you in the surging synths that fuel the flames soaring into the dead of night. Brandyn's vocals deliver the soulful/R&B vibes we all crave will twirling them around an indie pop influence in the chorus. When talking about the meaning behind this track, Brandyn said "'Down' was almost a conversation with myself... a confessional of sorts... thats allowed me to break through the fears of my own insecurities." This honestly is consistently present through the entirety of the song, but finds itself highlighted in the verses where the stream beings to rise. Brandyn is one you're going to want to keep your eyes on in the next year with so many great things to come. For now,watch the flames dance into the darkened parts of your mind on this one below.

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