Friday, November 20, 2015


Belgium's Tsar B first came onto our radar at the end of last month with her collaboration on Oscar and The Wolf's legendary cover of "Back To Black". Already pulling all eyes her way, Tsar B comes storming onto the scene with her proper debut "Escalate". Right from the get-go she throws us into a pitch-black sound as the drums come pounding through the stillness. Tsar B's vocals dance elegantly as they combine middle-eastern melodies intertwined with some of the purest of pop tendencies. It's the pulsing of the track that slowly twists and turns through neon colors having you find mesmerized by the hypnotizing elements present throughout the entire track. It's hard to deny that all eyes are on Tsar B right now as she forges her way as the next rising songstress from Belgium with more music on the way. For now, find yourself locked in a neon state of hypnotization below.