Thursday, November 26, 2015

Little Love

Berlin's been a growing hot-spot in the indie scene with a number of rising acts climbing the ladder of success rather quickly. Today, Kilian & Jo are making their first strides with their massive debut "Little Love". Bringing on the star-studded vocals of Australia's Conrad Sewell, this duo has created a track totally worth listening to on repeat for days on end. The track is pushed forward a jungle-dance beat that dives into the rolling waves of the ocean. The production has those powering house cords that bring things from the tropics to the dance floor catching you in all of the heat pouring out. Feel that tropical heat-wave take over your body below with this one.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


We've been keeping a watchful eye on London's Kyla La Grange for well over a year, and 2015 has truly been showing some light upon her project with the release of her 80s-pop influenced "So Sweet". Kyla is back again giving us another taste with her newest track "Skin". This one pulls on a darker edge that gives a similar taste of FKA Twigs darkened synths, while staying absolutely true to Kyla's signature pop sound she's claimed for herself. Kyla delivers so much pain and anxiety on this track wit the agitating synth-surges that flux with her heartfelt lyrics where she sings "I'm so done with this". There's no doubt that this one showcases how far Kyla has come, and there is definitely great things on the horizon. You won't regret getting reacquainted with this powerhouse below.

Friday, November 20, 2015


Belgium's Tsar B first came onto our radar at the end of last month with her collaboration on Oscar and The Wolf's legendary cover of "Back To Black". Already pulling all eyes her way, Tsar B comes storming onto the scene with her proper debut "Escalate". Right from the get-go she throws us into a pitch-black sound as the drums come pounding through the stillness. Tsar B's vocals dance elegantly as they combine middle-eastern melodies intertwined with some of the purest of pop tendencies. It's the pulsing of the track that slowly twists and turns through neon colors having you find mesmerized by the hypnotizing elements present throughout the entire track. It's hard to deny that all eyes are on Tsar B right now as she forges her way as the next rising songstress from Belgium with more music on the way. For now, find yourself locked in a neon state of hypnotization below.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Good Enough

Chelsea Effect comes storming in this week with laser-light debut "Good Enough", ready to draw all eyes their way. Founded by Canadian-born Emerald Isabella, Chelsea Effect comes roaring in with production by Bram Insccore and mixing by Andrew Maury. The verses are laced with grimy synths that echo off the dead of night doused with the Ellie Goulding-like vocals. It's that build up into the chorus where things explode into one massive ray of light ready to blast any sense of darkness away. Illuminate your midnight with this stellar debut below.

Thursday, November 12, 2015


Brandyn Burnette has been a name circulating in our heads over the last year as he's scored himself some songwriting credits with some of our favorite rising artists. This week, Brandyn is prepping to release his debut EP Made Of Dreams, a project that has been based off of five years of struggles in this ever changing industry. Premiering here today is "Down", which is a burner ready to scorch your skin with every touch. Teaming up with Lewis Hughes for production, this track catches you in the surging synths that fuel the flames soaring into the dead of night. Brandyn's vocals deliver the soulful/R&B vibes we all crave will twirling them around an indie pop influence in the chorus. When talking about the meaning behind this track, Brandyn said "'Down' was almost a conversation with myself... a confessional of sorts... thats allowed me to break through the fears of my own insecurities." This honestly is consistently present through the entirety of the song, but finds itself highlighted in the verses where the stream beings to rise. Brandyn is one you're going to want to keep your eyes on in the next year with so many great things to come. For now,watch the flames dance into the darkened parts of your mind on this one below.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Don't Start A War

Molly Moore first caught our attention earlier this year with her pure-pop prowess on "Don't Believe It", and after leaving us for a hot minute, she returns this week with "Peace Of My Heart". Molly delivers everything we could hope for as her vocals stay true to her pop star perfection ready to blossom. Hooking you from the start with her haunting verses, Molly delivers a power-punch in the chorus where you get all of the strength in vocals before the production takes off into the stormy skies above. Molly has truly shown her massive growth with each release, launching her to new heights where the stars lie with this darkened masterpiece. Dance with darkness on this one below.