Thursday, October 22, 2015

[PREMIERE] Tear In My Heart

NYC's Julius has been cruising along this year with some major originals and re-compositions that all properly showcase the true talent behind the music. Already giving us a taste with his re-composition of Omarion's "Post To Be", Julius returns today to premiere his re-composition of Twenty One Pilots' "Tear In My Heart". Bringing a totally new spin to this already massive track, Julius brings things to a darker feel with surging synths that bring the fuel to a song that is already fire. When you get to the chorus things just explode with the pounding drums. Julius's vocals are delivered effortlessly as they transition in power from the chorus to the softness laced within the verses. This is only the beginning for Julius as he has his debut EP Re-compositions is coming soon. Keep and eye out for more from him, but for now, let your heart bleed out to this one below.


  1. Re-composition of Twenty One Pilots "Tear In My Heart"? Wonderful! I want to hear it! It's interesting! But, I think the original version is more better. By the way, I bought tickets to the 21 Pilots's concert.