Monday, October 12, 2015

[PREMIERE] Lipstick On My Bed Sheets

Continuing to work his way int our hearts is London's Lex Low, who has been winning us over with tastes of his forthcoming EP. Today, he gives us another dose with the title-track "Mystery", which is one that'll send your heart cruising down a darkened highway ready to set your heartbeat to an ominous tone. Lex Low brings things in subtly with his R&B melodies that ornament themselves with those classic pop hooks building upon one another to create the perfect jam for those late night drives. The track pulls in the chorus with hints of 70s disco fusing with large amounts of soul,  pop-laced electronics, and those silky smooth vocals sliding through the night . 

"When I was writing this EP, about 3/4 months ago, I'd been listening to a lot of Jack Garratt, Lapsley, and Mirrorwriting-era Jamie Woon . I wanted to get a bit deeper into the complexities of a relationship like those guys, amongst others, manage to do so well. 'Mystery' is about being perpetually surprised by your lover as you get to know more about them; how you never know what's round the corner. The production picks up on some of those themes - sparse in the first verse, then those big reverby toms come in and it drops into a strange alt R&B funk chorus. My girlfriend actually said it sounds like two different songs stuck together - she didn't like it that much. But I kind of like that, you don't expect the chorus or the strings in the bridge. You want a big bassy synth but it never turns up. It draws on that unexpectedness you experience in a relationship." - Lex Low 

"Mystery" is a track that's going to find it's neon colors intertwined inside your mind. Just one listen and you'll be hooked on this one as it pulls you deeper into the depths of your brain. Take a listen to the premiere below, and prepare to be lost in this new love affair. 


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