Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Stacks Of Broken Letters

We've been crushing on Ofelia K ever since she made our hearts melt with debut "White T-Shirt". Today, she continues to make us cry our hearts out with yet another heart-crushing single "Gone". From the start you can feel all the pain that Ofelia delivers in her gentle vocals as they flutter above the piano accompaniment. When that chorus kicks in your caught twirling around the simplistic organ that fades back and forth from oblivion as Ofelia's lyrics just read as a letter crying out to a lost lover. Ofelia K definitely knows how to make us cry, but in in all of the best ways possible. Grab some tissues and prepare to feel all the feels on this one below.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Get Used To The Vertigo

Riding in on the icy tides of Oslo's pop scene this week is four-piece producer collective TEIP with a debut offering worth paying attention to. "Friendzone" finds itself playing with the sultry affects of Rationale-like vocals as they vamp it up with a classic Scanidnavian pop production lighting up the night sky in the colors of the aurora borealis. TEIP truly have introduced themselves in the perfect way with this debut that's bound to be a spark ready to light up your night. We can expect more music from TEIP soon with an EP planned for release early next year. For now, let TEIP work their way out of the friendzone and into becoming one of your favorites!

Do It For The Thrill

Transviolet's been feeding out pop desires for the past two months, and this last week they dropped a star-studded EP that'll definitely be on repeat for the rest of the year. A highlight off of the EP is "New Bohemia", a new-age anthem ready to blair from the speakers of your car as you drive around town with the crew. It's a powerful track that delivers the message that we decide what we want our world to be like. Transviolet definitely has found their groundwork and are destine to climb to the top with this one as they deliver some rebellious pop offerings. Join the revolution below!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Let Me Leave You

London has become the known playground for rising hit-makers as they find themselves positioned among a massive industry of collaborators. One of those songwriters is Chris Loco, who found his start with working with Emeli Sande, who was undiscovered at that time. Today, Chris Loco continues his reign of taste-making collaborations with another burner, "Ego", featuring the powerhouse vocals of rising star Raye. Rising from the ashes, Chris Loco brings this track in with flaming synths ready to haunt your soul. When the mood is set, Raye comes in ready to melt your heart with her vocals powering through anything in her path. It all comes together to bring one massive collaborations that's going to set Chris Loco and Raye set as ones-to-watch. Until we get more from both sides of this collaboration, find yourself engulfed in the fierce fire below.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Put Your Hands On Me

The world first got wind of Kyla La Grange when a Kygo remix went viral and had all eyes on her. After stepping away for a hot minute, Kyla is ready to load us with all the sugar on her latest, "So Sweet". Pumping out a massive feel-good hit, Kyla gives us these borderline Ellie Goulding vocals over a driving tuba-like synth that's ready to vamp your energy up a couple notches. Along with this new one, Kyla announced her biggest show to date at Oval Space in London on November 19th. Kyla La Grange surely will have you on one massive sugar high with this one!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Ready For A Robbery

We've been long time lovers of KOPPS for years now and we always just can't seem to get enough. Ready to soundtrack your next night out, KOPPS bring you "My Gold". It's an explosively smooth track that pulls on all of the pop elements we need to get our nights started with the production of none other than Daniel Armbruster from Joywave. If you can't get enough of KOPPS after tasting this track then don't worry. Their upcoming EP drops September 25th so be ready to get your body moving. For now, let KOPPS take you captive below!