Wednesday, August 12, 2015


It's been said for years on end that Sweden is the treasure cove all things pop, and honestly, it really is where all the hits come from. Today, we are excited to be premiering the music video for another new Swedish favorite Violet Days. "So Dope" is a glistening pop track that runs smooth as an icy glacier. The video pulls on a very simplistic take drawing emphasis to the hazy multicolored wash-over as lead songstress Lina reminisces about a relationship. There's so many great things brewing here that we chatted with Lina to get a little more insight on what's to come from Violet Days. Read up below!

How did Violet Days form? 
"It started with me having a handful of original songs that I believed in and wanted to create something of. I met my band back in 2011 after moving to Stockholm and I asked them if they wanted to play with me and they said YES! and there we go."

Where do you find you draw your inspirations from when writing your songs? 
"I find inspiration in a lot of different things, but I often find myself digging into movie soundtracks and soundscapes, I like vibey instrumentals that trigger something in me. Also I mostly write my songs autobiographical, so I guess my own memories and life in general is a natural source to inspiration."

Should we expect more music soon from you or even an EP? 
"We are definitely working on the next release and have a bunch of songs that we can't wait to share with everyone. Hopefully in the fall."

What are the top 3 songs you can't stop listening to right now? 
"Right now I would say:
- Sufjan Stevens - "Should've Known Better"
-The Neighbourhood - "Afraid"
-Cold War Kids - "First"

Tell us how you came about writing "So Dope" and what inspired the video for it. 
"I wrote the song with 2 other guys last summer on a really hot day. We just played the piano and vibed in front of a microphone and the song kind of just happened. Everything just fell into place and I guess I needed to tell the story. The video is quite simple and we wanted it to portray that hazy lo-fi vibe that's in the song and mix that with some clips to give you a hint of the story."

Finally, what is one goal you want to achieve for Violet Days within the next year? 
"One goal is definitely to get more music out there and build a presence for Violet Days portrayed both musically and visually, and hopefully a lot of gigs too!"


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