Monday, July 27, 2015

Wonder When Your Love Ran Dry

Australia's Bec Sandridge came striding back this last week with one hell of a tune, "In the Fog, In the Flame". This one's bound to get your foot tapping from the very start as the guitars come strumming in over a indie rocker beat that'll have your heart racing. It's this cruising track that allows for Bec's vocals to dance with ease along the melodic lines that paint a masterpiece with every note. There's a haunting sense to Bec's vocals that has the hairs on your arms standing up, while giving you this massive sense of euphoria at the same time as everything comes together setting her up to stand out among the masses. Get familiar with this rocker girl because big things are to come. For now, rock out below on on this one!

1 comment:

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