Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Falling Further

Cloves danced elegantly onto the scene last month with her stunning debut "Frail Love" that made us feel all the feels. This week, she returns with another taste of her upcoming XIII EP, "Don't You Wait". This 19-year-old Australian delivers another beautiful piece of work on this one as she rocks you into a daydream with the lullaby guitars perfectly complimenting her soaring vocals that are ready to take you to the heavens beyond. The beauty of this heartbreaking track will brings you a rush of so many emotions as you're caught smiling at the perfection Cloves delivers on this one while also experience the pain laced in every note. Cloves debut EP drops late August with a limited release on 10" vinyl off of the great Duly Noted Records, so grab one before its too late. For now, embrace every emotion Cloves delivers on this one below.

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