Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Living It Up

Our favorites IYES keep up their delivery of new tunes this week with a true jam ready to rock your body all the way down to your bones. "No Wonder" comes at you in preparation for the release of their debut single and this one is a party jam worth blasting all throughout the night. There's the acidic synths that fuse with the hard beat ready to soundtrack your neon getaway. Get ready to zoom fast on this one!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Wonder When Your Love Ran Dry

Australia's Bec Sandridge came striding back this last week with one hell of a tune, "In the Fog, In the Flame". This one's bound to get your foot tapping from the very start as the guitars come strumming in over a indie rocker beat that'll have your heart racing. It's this cruising track that allows for Bec's vocals to dance with ease along the melodic lines that paint a masterpiece with every note. There's a haunting sense to Bec's vocals that has the hairs on your arms standing up, while giving you this massive sense of euphoria at the same time as everything comes together setting her up to stand out among the masses. Get familiar with this rocker girl because big things are to come. For now, rock out below on on this one!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Your Loves Crashing Down

EVVY first crossed our pages a year ago with her eye catching debut EP that showed all the beginning stages of a star-in-the-making. Today, EVVY is making waves again with what might just be her greatest track to date "Tidal Wave". EVVY's vocals come rolling on in on a massive rush over a raging dance beat ready to rock your soul with the driving house-chords making their presence throughout the entirety of this hit. It's a true technicolor hit ready to soundtrack the latter part of your steaming summer. Add some color to your life below with this one!

Fire's Taking Over Me

It's been a long minute since we last heard from IYES, but this week the wait is over as they release their lead track from their long-awaited debut EP (trust us, we've been waiting so long for this one), "So Crazy". IYES has always crafted their sound around their excellent electronic production as their vocal lines effortlessly dance across the twirling synths. This one stays true to this signature sound, while taking a step towards a buzzing dance fusing chorus. This wait has been well worth it as IYES always continues to deliver more than is expected. Lose your mind on this one below!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

[PREMIERE] Walking Between Heaven And Hell

Brooklyn's Peter Wise is taking a step onto the scene today with a debut that's well worth paying attention to. "On The Ground" is a track that catches you in a mellow state as the guitar strums deliver a floating sensation throughout the majority of the track as an ever so slight surging of synths hovering behind all the production. It's when you're in that comfortable state that this one pushes itself to a whole new level with the massive breakdown ready to sore to the heavens above. It's likely to note the pureness in Peters vocals as it compliments every aspect of this track. Take a walk on the tightrope below on this exclusive premiere below.
"On The Ground" is available on iTunes and Spotify.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

They Are Bleeding You

A fire truly started when Rationale first sparked onto our radar earlier this year with a massive debut. After delivering a follow-up that exceeded our expectations, Rationale is brings us his burning "Fuel to the Fire", the title track for his debut EP. This track spews emotions of frustration as Rationale flame-throws everything he's got in the fusing synths burning away at the truths of society leaving you in what might be your deepest state of thought by the very end. Rationale's debut EP drops September 18th, but for now take a walk in the flames below!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Voices Screaming Out Inside My Head

Will Joseph Cook has been blazing a bright path for him the last six months with a perfect EP released earlier this, a signing to Atlantic Records under his belt, and another EP on the horizon (August 11th to be exact). After delivering our first dose of summer with the first single off of his Proof Enough EP last month, Will is back with another taste with "A Minute Of Your Time". He drives us with a his classic guitar vibes on this one as his lyrics drop you deep in his world. This one is a whole new step for Will as he just keeps delivering hit after hit. For only be 18, Will Joseph Cook has set himself up to be a star. Watch him shine below!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Colors Start To Change

Earlier this year Anteros came storming onto the scene with their self-titled debut track. This week, they return to continue their excellence with their new jam "Fade To Grey". It's those trickling guitars in the verse that'll give you a tingling feeling in your fingers as a rush of colors come into full spectrum. It's when that chorus kicks in your ready to rock the night away as the everything takes a turn into a multi-colored dimension. Stay tuned for more news on their upcoming debut EP, but for now get lost in the kaleidoscopic colors below.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Lose My Own Fight

America's newest sweetheart Ofelia K had us from the very start last month with "White T-Shirt", and this week she returns with "As A Bell". This one brings a happier tone with the summer strums of guitars rolling off the waves as Ofelia's elegant voice dances over the tropical bells all the way to very end. It's a true testament that shows Ofelia K is that girl we'll all be falling head over heels for. Hear the bells ring in her excellence below!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Full Of Rum And Regret

Back in March we exclusively introduced Lauv, who might just be the greatest male indie-pop act we've seen in a long while. Today, our heartbreak hero is back with his follow-up to the unforgettable  debut with burner "Reforget". From the very start you're caught swirling in Lauv's vocals that fuse like a nuclear reaction with the buzzing synths. When that chorus kicks in you're hit with those pristine hooks riding on those cruising guitars rushing through the rain-soaked streets of your broken heart. Lauv has truly captured the art of the break-up song with his two releases thus far. Big things on the horizon for this one, but for now cruise down the heart-break highway with this one below!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Keeps You From The Dark

Oslo Parks are back with their latest track "Slipping Away" where they take us back in time to Cali circa the 1970s. This one brings a hot steamy disco vibe where you'll find your body twisting with the pulsing beat. It's got those old school vibes that have you breathing in that refreshing ocean air as the waves come crashing on the shore driving Oslo Parks undeniably brilliant sound straight into your heart. Expect some more news on releases from these guys later this year, but for now jump into that rush below!

Falling Further

Cloves danced elegantly onto the scene last month with her stunning debut "Frail Love" that made us feel all the feels. This week, she returns with another taste of her upcoming XIII EP, "Don't You Wait". This 19-year-old Australian delivers another beautiful piece of work on this one as she rocks you into a daydream with the lullaby guitars perfectly complimenting her soaring vocals that are ready to take you to the heavens beyond. The beauty of this heartbreaking track will brings you a rush of so many emotions as you're caught smiling at the perfection Cloves delivers on this one while also experience the pain laced in every note. Cloves debut EP drops late August with a limited release on 10" vinyl off of the great Duly Noted Records, so grab one before its too late. For now, embrace every emotion Cloves delivers on this one below.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Good Things Don't Come Fast

Blasting onto Oblivious Pop is LA indie pop artist Layne. Her latest single Somebody is pristinely produced, adorned with spacious synths and percussion. Layne’s voice complements the production, bringing this song over the top. This single is the first release after her 6 song EP titled “Warrior.” Press play an cruise  down the fast lane below! 

//Post by // Michael Nitting //

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wrecked Your Ride On The Boulevard

We've been big fans of Mainland ever since they dropped their video for "Shiner" over a year ago. After spending the last year writing and recording their debut LP, the guys are back with summer time anthem "Outcast". From the very start they hit the ground running with some sun-soaked shinning synths laced with those Cali-beach guitars. The verses cruise down the freeway winding their way to where the chorus kick in and all you wanna do is jam out with the top down. Mainland sure has took a massive leap forward with their sound on this one making them ready to blow up your speakers all summer long. Feel the heat below on this one!

Howling Into The Night

Sweden has a newcomer to the scene, and we've been watching her tear up the blogs with her stellar debut "Tired Of Talking". LÈON delivers one of the best debuts we've heard this entire year as her vocals chime with the pureness of Vérité while hauling in that classic Swedish pop goodness we just can't get enough of. You'll be knocked away and left speechless as LÈON's melodies wrap themselves around you and float off with that a whistle leading into the dead of night. Shut up and press play below because LÈON here to howl to the moon!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Then She Wonder

We all know Drake is one of Canada’s most prized artists, but Shay Lia is definitely in the running. This Montreal based vocalist recently released this track and we’ve been hooked ever since. It’s introductory samples are unique and blissful, charting a path for Lia’s jazzy, dream-like voice, which reminds us of the one and only Erykah Badu. Make sure to check out the track below, along with Lia’s interactive video for her song “3 months”, performed with established producer, Kaytranada. You'll be feeling the chill for days on end. 

//Post by // Michael Nitting //

Closer I Get To Wasting Time

Tove Styrke stole our hearts over a year ago as she began her massive path from being a household name in her native Sweden to becoming a rising star in the U.S. After winning us over with her EP this past fall, Tove captured all out love with her latest album Kiddo, which is already on our list of favorites for 2015. She packed this one with hit after hit, and today, she delivers an exuberant video for her latest single "Number One". Tove straps on her kicks and hits the stage in this one, ready to tear it up with her dance moves as the rain comes pouring down. Tove delivers that quirkiness that makes her unique while giving some total edge making her one of the coolest kids around. Dance your worries away in the rain with Tove Styrke above! 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Watching You Watch Me

London native, Azekel's (pronounced ay-ze-ke-el) "Mad About A Boy" is a soulful blend of cascading synths and smooth vocals. Reminiscent of artists like Raleigh Ritchie and Miguel, Azekel does an excellent job creating one hell of a harmonic atmosphere. This track is a sneak peak of the artist’s forthcoming EP, Raw Vol. 1, which will be released on July 12th. Check this one below! 
  //Post by // Michael Nitting //