Tuesday, June 30, 2015

When I Grow Old

If you haven't listened to a Jack Garratt track yet then you've been missing out. No frets though because he's back with another track that honestly is the best we've heard from him. Jack's been blowing us away with hit after hit ever since he emerged onto the scene over a year ago, and today he's at it again with "Weathered". He pulls you in close with the nostalgic guitars rocking you into a warm comfort. This one just keeps building from that point on. It hauls in pulsating synths quietly shacking your feet up until that final blow where things explode knocking you back ten feet in awe. This is truly what great music is suppose to sound like, and Jack Garratt never disappoints. One listen and you'll be a Jack Garratt fan for life!

1 comment:

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