Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Gravity Hurts When You Know The Truth

Today has been filled with the release of some massive hits and of these is Gallant's "Weight In Gold", which got a bunch of love from Beats Radio 1. Gallant brings his luscious soul on this one with sun soaked guitars driving that laid-back bluesy vibes into your heart. It's the chorus that surges with the sparkling synths that launch you towards the sun and beyond. This one's definitely been dipped in gold and is ready to shine. Embrace this treasure below.

When I Grow Old

If you haven't listened to a Jack Garratt track yet then you've been missing out. No frets though because he's back with another track that honestly is the best we've heard from him. Jack's been blowing us away with hit after hit ever since he emerged onto the scene over a year ago, and today he's at it again with "Weathered". He pulls you in close with the nostalgic guitars rocking you into a warm comfort. This one just keeps building from that point on. It hauls in pulsating synths quietly shacking your feet up until that final blow where things explode knocking you back ten feet in awe. This is truly what great music is suppose to sound like, and Jack Garratt never disappoints. One listen and you'll be a Jack Garratt fan for life!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

On A Good One Now

The mysterious EXGF Collective has been a huge favorite of ours ever since they released their summer burner last year. This week, we get a bit more of what's going on with a new act on the front from them, BECOME. Our intro to this crew comes with their remix of Elohim's stunner "She Talks Too Much". This crew takes this one and launches it to the galaxies beyond with their soaring rework behind Elohim's magical vocals. You'll be hauled into a flux pulling you deeper into the depths of the beyond. Get lost in the mystery of BECOME with this one below.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I Wanna Make You Mine

Golden kid Will Joseph Cook took the world by storm this year, and today he continues his reign with summer-time jam "Beach". Already soaking up all the sun rays, Will gives us his signature sound with that perfect pop melody working its way into your mind. The chorus is crushing as it has you spinning joyfully in the heat delivering that magic that'll make this one a true hit. "Beach" comes as our first taste of his sophomore EP Proof Enough dropping August 11th on Atlantic. Will's made it to the big leagues, and he's ready to provide the soundtrack for your summer. Soak in those rays below!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Try Not To Be Relenting

Last year we came across a duo that held all the potential of becoming a massive act on the rise with a simple cover and a follow up that took leaps a bounds. Earlier this year, Klyne (formerly Nick Klein) dropped "Paralyzed" and it took off like a wildfire. Shortly after this, the guys disappeared for a while, but are back in full force today with their visual compliment to the track that took the blogsphere by storm along with their announcement of signing with Aesop. The video pulls on the darker colors of the track as you get hypnotized by the paralyzing moves of these two dancers throughout its entirety. It's that perfected compliment to an already excellent track ready to launch this duo onto the lists of ones to watch. Get caught in locked on this one above. 

Made Up My Mind

The indie scene has bee over-saturated with female acts as of lately sporting that whole indie-electro pop sound, and honestly it's getting quite old. Don't get us wrong; we love everything we are hearing. It's just that it gets old when all you're hearing similar sound repetitively for weeks on end. Yesterday, we finally got a little break with new-comers Fronteers on their debut "Youth".  This one is that guitar strumming hit we've been dying for all year long. The lyrics are nostalgic and bring back some throwback vibes of times when indie-rock was a pretty popular thing. We've surely made up our minds that Fronteers are the refreshing taste we've been dying for. Press play below and feel those summer vibes roll off the guitars as they strum you off into the sunset.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Drums Beat Harder For You

Fletcher first caught our attention earlier this year with "Over My Head". This week, we are kind of doing a bit of a reintroduction to this songstress with her official debut "War Paint". Honestly, Fletchers been around for quite some time with her career going back four years to her time on X Factor. Regardless of her past experience, Fletcher is delivering a power-house anthem here with this one. The tribal drums pound in the back of your head as her vocals hit your stronger than ever with this anthem-like chorus. Fletchers here to fight for her way to the top, and we expect her to win this war!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Baptized By Your Mess

Our love for LA duo Powers goes all the way back to the very start. We've been obsessed with every song they've released and for good reason. Today, they're bringing another summer-time smash into the world with "Loved By You". This one features the vocals of the girl-half of the duo, Crista, and she brings doses of massive girl power to this one. The melodies twist themselves into your mind in the most perfect way as they ride the sunbeams down onto the pavement bringing all of the heat on this one. Find all of that pop-perfection on this one below.

I'm Kicking Myself

There's no lying that one listen to Ofelia K's debut "White T-shirt" and you'll find her hitting that soft-spot in your heart. This one is laced with a retro-feel within the melodies, but hauls itself into the 21st-century with the surging synths in the chorus ready to wash you under the tides. Ofelia's voice sounds pure as it dances across the trickling guitars, as we get traces of Alex Winston meets Cloves. We're expecting a debut EP from this act later this year, but for let this wrap itself around your mind. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Giving Up More Than I Should

Meet Cloves, the latest addition to our friends over at Duly Noted Records. This one is a perfected track  accompanied by some stellar vocals that'll hit that soft spot in your hear. Cloves' debut "Frail Love" is gentle with the simplistic piano accompaniment allowing for the lyrics to stand in the spotlight. Cloves vocals that are pure and soft, lulling you into a state of calmness that floats among the clouds. This Melbourne songstress is someone you're going to want to keep your eyes on. We only expect big things from this one. For now, float your way to the heavens above with this soft yet powerful debut!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Vérité - Sentiment EP

Ever since Vérité's debut dropped last year, we've been calling it that she's destine to be the new "it" girl in pop. After delivering an excellent first EP at the end of this last year and amazing us with every live performance, she's back this week with her star-studded sophomore EP Sentiment.  Vérité comes roaring in on this one with power-anthem "Wasteland" that's ready to rush it's way into your heart. Next up, she showcases her true talent with her pop-perfected melodies in a whirlwind on "Colors". Things slow down a bit on "Rearrange", but holds the energy this New Yorker has been delivering form the very start. Finally, she delivers the icing on the cake with "Sentiment" that combines everything we love about where Vérité is headed wit her sound. There's no doubt that one listen won't be enough, and this one will carry itself to be listed as one of the best release of 2015. Get familiar with Vérité because this girl is going to be a star!

Pure Gold

Cruising onto our radar this last week was Nashville's CRUSOE with their latest "Atomic Dove" that's bound to get your blood rushing. The verses on this one are laced with shimmering synths that flux themselves into a massive buildup for that raging chorus. The energy fused within this track will get the adrenaline rushing as the city lights flicker off the cold, rain covered streets. Speed through those streets below with this one.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Alex Winston - The Day I Died EP

Alex Winston has been steam rolling her return this year ever since she delivered the power-anthem "Careless" earlier this year. After doing a run of shows at SXSW, Alex is ready to get the energy flowing in preparations for her sophomore album due later this year. This week, we get a taste of what's to come with The Day I Died EP. From the very start you'll be caught in the ground-shaking melodies Alex's voice carries so effortlessly on lead track "The Day I Died". From there, Alex continues to break ground with her power-ballad "Down Low". This one just might be one of the best ballads we've heard in years as Alex's emotions flow fluidly into a whirlwind of beauty. Finally, Alex brings this back up into an 80s rocker-vibe with "Dead End", which'll be the final hit making you love-locked on what this girl is doing. Get ready below, because Alex Winston is a superstar ready to bloom!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

I Come Down

Arbitraire is the newest mystery act to grace the internet. Unlike other artists who hide the names behind the act, this one gives the mystery of the location of where this music is coming from. Regardless of the fact, Arbitraire's track "Adapted Air" is one that is years beyond itself. This one builds itself upon an R&B beat fusing with atmospheric melodies ready to take flight into the sun. It's this electronic sound that delivers just the right amount of new age while staying true to some very classic notes throughout. There's definitely reason to suspect that Arbitraire has been a brewing force since this one may not be their first track. Either way, we are ecstatic this one is beginning to soar into the indie scene. For now, lift off below on this one.

Friday, June 5, 2015

I'm Going Under

XYLØ have been a strong favorite of ours ever since the release of their haunting debut "America". This brother-sister duo return with "Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea", and this one is definitely going to have you hooked if you aren't already. The production is light but heavy at the same time with the signature darkness this duo laces their production with. It's that slow sinking feeling that wraps itself around you in the chorus pulling you deeper into the depths of the blackest seas. Take one last breathe and dive in below.

Wanna Be With You

Berlin houses some of our favorite artists who are currently on the rise. This week, we add Moonboy Inc. to that list with his debut track "Forever" featuring the undeniably powerful vocals of FEMME. This track is driven by the disco cords similar to Panama while crafting itself into a massive club smash with FEMME's chorus shouting to the galaxies and beyond. This first taste of Moonboy Inc. is just the beginning of something massive brewing here. He's set to release a 3-track EP later this year. As we wait, press play below and dance yourself to the stars and beyond.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

You're An Actress

After spending years playing for some of Sweden's biggest acts, Erik Fhager is ready to make his debut with "Every OSCAR in the World". This first one from this Swede is true testament to his live guitar background. The production is guitar heavy with an emphasis on the folk genre, but he grasps notes of pop with his fluid melodies and lyrics that find themselves stuck in your head. This is just first taste of Erik Fhager in preparations for his debut EP coming out in a few weeks along with a string of shows on the horizon as well. For now, get familiar with this one as you get sunny vibes below.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

You're On My Mind

We've been crazy over the London indie scene ever since we first started Oblivious Pop. We've noticed the massive sense of creativity flowing in the city, which creates an environment that allows so many artist to craft their works into projects that resonate well with a wider audience. Today, we are still getting these vibes, especially with the latest addition to the London scene, Danny McLauchlan. Danny's debut "Bloodletting" is a classic sounding track that builds on atmospheric melodies that echo through the fog. His lyrics flow like words of a journal entry released from the deepest parts of his soul. He builds his sound with modern touches of James Blake laced with traces of the vintage vibes of Billie Holiday. This debut comes in preparations of his debut EP coming soon. For now, get familiar with Danny McLauchlan below.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Sideways Falling

Lilla Vargen first caught our eye earlier this year with the release of her stunning debut "This Is Love". This week, Lilla returns with a beautiful cover of Red Hot Chili Pepper's "Don't Forget Me". From the very first instance of hearing Lilla's vocals she'll send shivers down your spine as the melodies float around your head so elegantly. It's the simplistic take on this cover with the haunting piano complimenting every note to the highest degree that you'll find yourself mesmerized by this Northern Irish girl. Dim the lights and press play below. You'll surely find your peace on this one.

Excuses Aren't Answers

Meet NYC's latest addition to the pop scene DUVV. This 21-year-old songstress has been around for a hot minute focusing her talent on the experimental R&B front. DUVV is now dipping her toes deeper into the pop realm with her latest release "What Reason". This track is laced with pulsating synths that compliment the simplistic electro drums in the background. The production finds itself pushed towards the back just far enough that DUVV's vocals can shine bright in the front showcasing the true talent she holds. There's definitely something hot brewing here, and we are absolutely keeping our eyes on this NYC girl. Get a taste of this below.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Against Your Body

Anne-Marie has delivered a perfected debut, "Karate", earlier in May, and we've bee obsessed ever since. This last week she claimed her ground as an artist that we know will grow to surpass the hype and become a massive name in pop with the release of her Scratch-directed video for this powerful debut. The video shows Anne-Marie looking fierce than ever while giving touches of sweetness throughout with her pop driven melodies. Pulling on monochrome colors, she works her karate poses ready to throw everything she's got your way. There's absolutely no doubt that Anne-Marie has fought herself to the top of our one's to watch list. For now, we wait for her debut EP out July 10th on through Major Toms. Press play and feel that punch above.