Friday, May 29, 2015

Took A Sip Of Money

It's been well over a year since we heard from Portsmouth songstress Eloise Keating, but this week she returns with her lustful "Working Late". Eloise crafts herself around darker elements that find themselves haunting every note and beat through all of her music. On this one, she grasps a Lana feel that slowly melts of the walls with every seductive guitar strum. We're definitely expecting big things from this girl as she's won us over from her debut. For now, press play below and let Eloise Keating run wild in your dreams.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

One With The Rising Sun

Ever since bursting onto the scene with their sweep of darkness wit their debut "Lonewolves", Berlin's Deaths have been a name floating around the indie scene. After spending a long six months off of the blogs, they are back with their lead single "Saviour" off of their upcoming EP dropping on Love By Mistake. This one keeps the mysterious vibes like a black fog rolling in that Deaths have coined as their signature sound, but they bring a dose of a Ben Khan production hinted with a melody we'd possibly see Jack Garratt working in a live setting with this one. This one's definitely worshipper track for those that find refuge in the indie scene, pulling out all of the demons and sending them to the skies above. Say a prayer below.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wanna Be Your Lover

Rationale hopped onto the scene last month with a proper debut that had all eyes on him. Today, we get our second dose of this London singer and producer with "Re.Up". This one surges with synths that calmly wash upon your shores as the guitars lace this one with a whole new level of classic sexiness. Rationale truly has crafted another masterpiece here, proving that he's destine for to be more than just buzzing name in the indie scene. There's no denying Rationale after one listen below.

Caught Up In The Illusion

Dominique has been cruising on our radar ever since her debut raged the blog scene late this last year. After stepping away for a few months, this New York artist is back and ready to show the world what she's made of. "Don't" consists of pulsating synths that are perfectly complimented with pop-driven melodies ready to engrave themselves deep in your mind. It's that build up until the massive drop where things whirlwind to the skies above leaving you floating in space. Take a taste of this one below.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Something In The Air

Dive In's debut EP release is fast approaching and this week they give us one last taste before the whole thing is release with "Can't Hold Me Down". This Glasgow three-piece deliver another raging track ready to be added to your summer soundtrack. It's definitely a feel-good jam that's going to blowing up your speakers and getting you high throughout the blaze of the summer sun. Dive In's debut EP Eighteen drops May 25th on Vagrant Records. For now, take a drive into the sun below.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Visions Of Desire

Glasgow newcomers WHITE formed over a year ago and ever since it's been a long time waiting for them to release some music. The wait was well worth it with the release of "Future Pleasures" dropping on RCA this July. This one catches you instantly with classic indie guitars that'll get your foot tapping to the beat. It's when the drums come in you get pulled into the groove of the track instantly getting your body moving. It's the perfect track to soundtrack a night out hitting up the bars as it pulls on a high rush of energy with darker vibes infused into every beat. Hit up the town on this one above. 

[PREMIERE] Don't Believe It

Molly Moore has been on our radar for quite some time. Her last track "Natural Disaster" received much acclaim, and today we are premiering her latest "Don't Believe It". This track pulls on the purest of pop vibes as it soars with sultry synths that drown themselves in darkness throughout the verses. It's when you get to the chorus things drop down just before that big explosion of sparkles and wonder. Molly has a show this Thursday at the Roosevelt Spare Room. She is definitely one to keep your eyes on. Listen to the premiere below and get familiar with Molly below in our interview.
How did you get interested in music?
Ever since my first comprehensible thought (I think I was 3), I remember wanting to be a "pop star". I then felt compelled to write my first lyric that I put melody to around 7 with the help of my father, who is a musician & songwriter. I grew up with a strong musical influence from him. My mother also has a beautiful voice & my sister is an artist too… I guess you can say music is in my blood.
Have there been a lot of ups and downs throughout your time in the industry?
Definitely. It's very interesting when you are still figuring out who you are and creating through that transition. It's not an easy career path but for me, making music is what truly makes me happy at the end of the day, so I'll never give it up.
Along with your solo project, you've gotten writer credits on some other's works. How has that helped you grow?
It's wonderful to write for other people because you get to tap into a whole other side of your artistry. It helps you figure out what works for other people & what works for you, I think ultimately it's helped me clarify my own artistry & also stretched me to take my own sound even further.
How did "Don't Believe It" come to be? What was your inspiration behind it?
I sat down one day before a session and played the chords & heard the chorus melody & the last line "It aint real if you don't believe it"… it kind of came to me out of nowhere. So I played it for my boyfriend Brandyn & he sang the verse melody. Then we brought the idea to Steve Dresser & April Bender to finish it. I wrote the song after coming back from being in Wilmington, NC for Christmas & feeling like I saw the stars for the first time. It dawned on me how much there really is and how we let such petty, little things get in the way of a much bigger picture. You actually can create your own future.
Who are some artists both current and past that have had a massive influence on your sound and songwriting style?
Honestly… I grew up loving Britney Spears. Her first 2 (ok, 3) albums were my first real life obsessions. I loved 90's music. Max Martin is my hero. I also love Simon & Garfunkel, Local Natives, Muse, Ingrid Michaelson, John Mayer, Coldplay & Banks.
Finally, what's in store for the rest of 2015 for you?
I'm finishing recording my EP and planning for a July release. I'm also going to spend some time traveling as I start writing my album. I have an exciting collaboration with a DJ coming out this summer as well! Hoping to get on the road very soon too (tour!!)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Cut Me Loose

We've been having a massive love affair with POWERS ever since they graced our pages with their debut over a year ago. Along with a debut that had us in a craze, this LA duo teamed up last year to give us that final summer smash with "Classic". Today, POWERS step back into the spotlight with "Beat Of My Drum". This groovin' track hauls in a massive heat wave as this duo washes you over with their sun-soaked funk. It's a classic pop hit making its stance in the now as it gets you dancing below the summer sun. There's definitely a taste of Miike Snow laying on the beach as the tide rolls in. POWERS truly have delivered a track you'll be blasting all throughout the warmer months. Dance the summer away with this one below.
"Beat Of My Drum" drops on B3SCI this June on limited edition  Crimson Red 7" vinyl. Preorder it here

Friday, May 8, 2015

Count All My Blessings

With vocal credentials already on a Chance the Rapper track, Eryn Allen Kane is ready to break out on her own with her debut "Have Mercy". Clearly from listening to Eryn's debut we were instantly caught into the power of her vocals. She effortlessly soars from a lightness into a highly energized flight ready to launch herself as one of the greatest talents to break on the indie scene this year. Her video to accompany this stellar track shows Eryn performing the track. The video is simplistic, focusing on her and the emotions she lets flow into your soul. Get familiar with Eryn Allen Kane above because she's a star ready to shine. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I'll Be Your Protection

TKDJS has been making bumping house music since July of 2014 when the three members, Scott, Paul and Mike forged a bond in an NYPD cruiser. Regardless of how they met, the Brooklyn group pairs up with our boy Ayer to bring you their most intoxicating track, “Don’t Leave" Booming with that old-school house vibe, TKDJS adds their own touches with ambient vocals and a killer chord progression. Get your midweek pick-me-up by poppin’ some bottles and blasting this tune below.
 //Post by // Michael Nitting //

I Need Attention

Miamigo has been a longtime favorite of ours ever since their debut dropped last year. Since then, this Brighton duo has been hard a work writing for their debut EP, out June 14th. This last week, these guys gave us our first taste of what's to come with "Hard To Love". Hitting you with icy cold drums from the start, your slowly dipped into the surging synths that form an orchestral effect. It's once the chorus kicks in that you're pushed off the edge caught in a free fall of Miamigo's roaring hooks and raging guitars. No matter how hard to you try and get out of this flux you'll be pulled back into this new addiction. Miamigo is definitely one to watch as they fight their way to the top in 2015. Get caught in the free fall below.

Get The Water

Asante Phenix just might be our latest addiction in the NYC scene. After showing massive growth through his past releases, his latest, "Baptism", proves to be his best work yet. Instantly instilling the holy spirit into you with the haunting organ intro, you're then thrown into the dead of night as Asante's vocals reach soulful levels while holding an ominous tone. The production surges as it grows and fades throughout leading to the final blessing of pulsating synths. Get holy with this one below.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Don't Know Where To State

The frozen lands of Minnesota have proven to be one of the hottest spots to break out some massive names in the indie scene. The most recent is rising star Quigley, whom we've been keeping our eye on for quite some time. After getting us grooving to her debut, Quigley has been prepping for the release of her debut EP. This week, we get another taste of what's to come with "Beginning Of Anything". This track combines a futuristic electronic production that echoes through the forests ready to launch you into space. It's Quigley's baby voice that dives into the delightful realm of Petite Meller with a dose of Ellie Goulding. Quigley's debut EP Initium drops May 8th, but for now you're going to want to get a taste of this. It's only just the beginning for this one.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Love Is Getting Heavy

We've been hooked on Lyves ever since we got a taste of her track "Shelter" earlier this year. Well on her way to releasing her debut EP, Lyves gives us a perfected collaboration with Synkro with their track "Body Close". This one combines Lyves flawless George Maple-like vocals that are doused in emotion with Synkro's soundscape production laced with a classic 90s beat. This one echoes in the dead of night sending deeps colors of royal violets and haunted memories deep into your soul. Get lost in the dark on this one below.

Hide Those Eyes

London better watch out because theirs a new singer-songwriter by the name of Mãs breaking out this week. This twenty-two-year-old hits us fast with his debut "Tiger". This one drops you instantly into a dream-state of swirling synths that lift you to the glowing skies above. It's that build up to the chorus that you get pulled into the feel-good vibes strumming away at the guitars. It's that hook in the chorus that pounces upon you and is running wild in the safari of your dreams. Take a walk on the wild side with Mãs on this one.