Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Can't Lock Up No More

Words cannot explain just how obsessed we are with Okay Kaya. She won us over with her official debut "Damn, Gravity", but today we get a dose of what's going to launch her into being one of the most talked about artists of 2015. Her music video for "Clenched Teeth" is a simplistic masterpiece where we find Okay Kaya wandering the streets of Tokyo. It's this minimalistic approach that allows for Okay Kaya to wrap her arms around you with every emotion that runs through her music. This video absolutely keeps you mesmerized as you sit on the edge of your seat enthralled by the city around, while also crafting a perfected strumming lullaby. Lay back and be lulled into the night with this beauty. 

I'm Fading

West London 5-piece and Hand In Hive's latest signing Saltwater Sun crossed our radar this month with their debut "Habit On My Mind". Their sound grasps a hold of the summer-time sun and laces it in vintage guitars strumming the day away. There's traces of Alvvays meshing with Best Coast, all coming together with that little dose of Black Honey. Saltwater Sun definitely brings back those great indie rock vibes we've been missing so much in a scene doused in electronic experimentation. There's no doubt that after one listen this band will find it's way into your everyday playlist. For now, start making Saltwater Sun a listening habit below.

The Only One

All eyes have been on LA trio LANY ever since their massive debut dropping about a year ago. After keeping the hype going this past year, LANY hit up SXSW this year launching themselves as an act everyone was talking about. This week, these guys return with their latest single "Someone Else". This track is a heart-felt ballad that washes among the shores of a white-washed beach. It's the sun-soaked synths that accompany the breaking lyrics crying out for that one-and-only love. LANY knows how to bring the party up, but this one definitely shows their diverse ability to make something so simple sound so good. Prepare for that heartbreaking-goodness below.

Talkin' In My Sleep

Over the past year we've watched Zella Day come rushing onto the scene since her massive debut "Sweet Ophelia". Fast forward a year later, and this "it" girl has a record deal signed, while also touring the states with another favorite of ours, Coasts. Zella's tour with Coasts brings itself to NYC tomorrow at Bowery Ballroom, and it's bound to be one for the books. Take a taste of Zella's latest single "Hypnotic" above. There's no doubt she's on her way to becoming a massive star very soon. Tickets to Zella's NYC show at Bowery Ballroom are available here

Monday, April 27, 2015


Olivver The Kid has been making some massive waves on the scene and has been an artists we've surely been keeping our eyes on. Today, we're excited to be premiering Augusti's hot remix of Olivver's latest and greatest "I Want It". This already burning track really turns the heat up as Augusti's production blazes this to become a full on club smash. You'll be dancing deep into the night on this one. It's sure to follow you into the summer as the flames go higher and higher. Feel the heat below. "I Want It" is out now on Taste and Tone

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Let's Burn Away

Osca has been a frequent feature on our pages and for good reason. This London band has been releasing hit after hit off of our friends at Duly Noted, always sparking a sense of happiness among us. This week, we get their latest single "Smoke", accompanied by their B-side "Sleeptalk". This one has their classic roaring sound that grasps the rushing of city lights as you speed through the wet streets after a down-pouring rain. It's this smokey production laced with the soaring melodies that has you twisting through light and darkness. "Smoke" drops June 1st off Duly Noted Records. For now, embrace the fire that burning below.

I'm Doing Just Fine

Verre is back at it with their latest song "Taste the Sky". Staying true to their pop-rock vibe, Verre is electrifying, combining guitar, drums, and bass with electronic elements to create one hell of a sound. Lead singer Alice Day’s voice is undoubtedly strong, giving this track some bittersweet depth. Verre makes sure to please more than just your ears; in a series entitled Frames, with each track Verre releases, the band also puts out visuals set to the song to make you feel that much more connected to the music. Take a taste of Verre below.

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Words Are Sleeping

Here at Oblivious Pop we are quite familiar with EMBRZ's ability to take a hit track and bring it to new heights with his wondrous remixing abilities. Today, we get a very special treat from this Irish producer with the debut of his first original work "Silent". Delivering a production that echoes off of the mountain tops, EMBRZ has us locked in a state between day and night. You'll find yourself sinking into solace as Amy Rose's vocals hover above your head slowly sinking the sun behind the horizon and in the end delivering a starry sky. Let the stars embrace you on this one below.

You Got It Good

Will Joseph Cook just might be the golden child over at Duly Noted Records. Already racking in a massive load of hype around his first couple of singles, his latest "Daisy Chains" is that sun-shinning track that will have everyone running his way. If it's not his perfected vocals that flow smooth like an early morning coffee into the lushes melodies, its that road-tripping guitars that have you soaking up the world around you. Get familiar with Will below because his EP is bound to be part of your summer road trip soundtrack.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Fill My Glass

Sweden's Billy Who is back today with their latest smash "Raise A Glass". This one brings the gypsy melodies that this duo has crafted as their signature move while taking things to new heights as they bring a surging power on the back end driving the song forward to the very end. On top of this all there are the royal synths that bring a sense of pure elegance dipped in the cold of the night. Cheers to Billy Who for delivering one we can get drunk on all night long.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Something About You

Tobias first crossed our radar as part of the 10 Fold label when we came across Everett Orr. Like his label mates, Tobias is pumping out some of the smoothest tracks we’ve heard, especially with his track "Something". Milky and smooth, yet mesmerizingly booming, it truly is something that will definitely take you there. From the first few chords to the last few beats, this song is dripping in gold. Dive into this pool of treasure below.
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Make Me Feel At Home

In under just a year Vérité has found herself as a massive breakout in the NYC music scene and is already beginning to gain traction in the global scene. Today, this NYC artist is back with a another favorite of ours "Colors". Vérité finds herself backed by the pounding drums of MS MR's Zach Nicita that delivers the perfect rush of adrenaline. When you reach the chorus you get caught in a whirlwind of watercolors as Vérité's vocals effortlessly soar through the sky. "Colors" comes off of her sophomore EP due for release this year, and it takes leaps and bounds from her debut just last year. For now, let Vérité catch you in the wind as she takes to new heights on this one.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Nothing Good About Me

Back again is Chløë Black' with her latest track “Cruel Intentions.” Drawing us in with a fragile sincerity, Black’s voice is smoky and mesmerizing. The song showcases her emotive song-writing skills, but also proves just how dark she can get. Her mix of pounding percussion and thunderous synths creates a nostalgic atmosphere. This song is bursting with energy, somewhat reminiscent of Florence + The Machine--larger than life. Keep your eyes on this London artist. We’re expecting great things.

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Tripping On Your Sweet Nothings

Last time Japanese Wallpaper graced our pages was when Anatole remixed one of his masterpieces. This time,  the 18-year-old Australian has reached his time to shine. "Forces" is simply beautiful, elegantly cascading into your ears. Similar to “Between Friends”, this track is simplistic, allowing every instrument to really be showcased, from bells to bass. Paired with artist Airling, the two create have created a song that is uniquely atmospheric. Be sure to check back in May when Japanese Wallpaper’s EP is set to release. Take off to the skies on this one.
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Get Carried Away

After jumping onto the scene last month with debut "High", SIVIK returns this week with a the perfect follow-up "U Got". The track gives us the perfected pop melodies that launch SIVIK into the radio-ready realm with his enticing electro production. It's this intoxicating track that will have you love drunk deep into the night as the stars glimmer with the shinning synths. Press play below and watch the stars align on this one.

Friday, April 17, 2015

You're Breaking Down

Turn up that low end because Mood Robot’s latest track “Lose Your Heart” is filled with a dark, boomy vibe. This synth-pop trio from LA just released their second EP “TV Dinner,” infusing that California sunshine with some haunting vocals to create a catchy 80s-esque track. One listen and you'll be launched into the dead of night possessed by the dead-low ends of this one. Listen below:
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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Caught In The Riddle

The talk of the blogs today is going to be hands down be Rationale with debut single "Fast Lane", and for good reason. This track builds itself around the chilling trickles of echoing guitars and a relaxing beat that's cruising down the smooth rush of the highway in the dead of night. There's hook after hook that glisten in the crushing vocals. Big things on the horizon for this one. For now, sit back seat and take a ride with Rationale below. 

Stranger In My Bed

Racing Glaciers caused quite an uproar this last year with their long list of powering indie anthems that fed all of our needs. After fading out towards the end of 2014, we let the idea of Racing Glaciers slip to the back of our minds, but today they return stronger than ever with "What I Saw". The track is a slow-burner ready for any arena setting as the guitars roar louder than ever and you're caught in the rush of earth-breaking lyrics. This track is the first taste of their debut album, and definitely sets them as ones to explode this year. For now, soak in this one below.

I Become An Island

Be warned, "Future Bones" is only a preview of Bells Atlas’s upcoming Hyperlust EP, and once you hear it, you’re going to hope its May 12. This band emerges from the vibrant cultural and musical backdrop of Oakland, CA. Blending heavy percussion, soulful vocal harmonies, and thoughtful arrangements, this dynamic group captures the spirit of eclectic influences and draw a wide audience with diverse tastes, setting the stage from a world their own- a place to discover and explore through wonder, sonic landscapes and movement. This afro-soul/soul punch track will have you feeling like no other way. Hurry up and listen below.

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Staring Down At The Sun Forever

Back in January Refs jumped on to the scene with their slow-burner "Pain Goes Away" that had us melting at the first listen. This week, they return with the visuals for this electro-R&B hit that's thought provoking and something you'll watch on repeat. It's crisp and dives into the meaning of city life and detachment. Big things are on the horizon for these ones. Get familiar above!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Turning Like The Tumbleweed

As the electro-pop scene continues its massive reign in the indie scene these days, there seems to be an ever growing return to the classic guitar fueled music that some thought was lost long in the past. Black Honey is among these bands bring back the classic sound, and their latest release "Spinning Wheel" delivers it perfectly on a silver platter. This one hypnotizes you from the very start as Izzy's vintage vocals seduce your soul. When it all kicks in you're caught under the spell of Black Honey as they drop you the wild west with no way out. Press play below and find yourself caught in the vintage prowess of Black Honey.

Build Me Up

To Be Frank’s “Let It Go” was released in January. The Suffolk artist and producer has created a deeply emotive song, pouring his heart into this track. To Be Frank’s tremendous vocals create ripples of tender music, full of space and suggestion. The production builds itself around an electro drum beat that brings and essence of rainy tropical rhythms deliveirng a sort of brightness to this ominous track. Everything about this track pulls you into a trance diving deeper into your mind, grasping a hold of the past for dear life. Hold on tight to this one below. 
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Stole My Heart

Matt Woods returns this week with his latest "Leaning Towers" that's bound to set a fire burning in your soul. It's the darkened guitars that create a slow smoldering sound that's plentiful enough to get things raging by the chorus. It's the intensity of Matt's vocals the shine through on this one, allowing the accompaniment play its soft and subtle creating the embers to fuel the fire. This all comes with the announcement of his 3-track In The Dark EP dropping April 20th. Let Matt Woods light the fire to your heart below on this one.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Found Safety In Your Instability

Molly Moore has only just begun to release music on Soundcloud the past couple of months, but we’re expecting a lot more music quite soon. Originally from NYC, Moore now works in LA, collaborating with many artists, notably Lauv, who’s debut premiered on these very pages a few weeks ago hailing much acclaim on the blogs and even getting a mention by some celebs as well. Get familiar below with her latest single "Natural Disaster" as it hits you hard like a hurricane. 
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Friday, April 3, 2015

Time To Pick Up The Mess

When you think of pop music, a couple countries come to mind: England, Australia, and the United States just to name a few. But Greece’s Inner Ear Records has found a pop powerhouse. Σtella (pronounced Stella) is a rising pop singer in her native Greece and just released her debut full-length album stateside last month.The world of "Σtella" unfolds in 10 tracks, which includes her smash "Picking Words", where love for the 80's is present, flowery funk with rhythmic patterns driven by colorful bass riffs and hypnotic vocals. Definitely make sure to watch this performer grow as she establishes her roots around the world. Enter her world below.

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Life Just Seems To Make More Sense

We've been raving over production duo TC4 ever since they were first introduced to us a few months ago. This week, we get another dose with an accompanying music video for their latest single "Something About You featuring Arlissa that's as retro as can be with a riveting love story. It's that pull of 90s house influence combining with the perfected visual compliment above that sets TC4 as a definite one to keep your eyes on this year. Get lost in this boiling chemistry above. TC4's EP drops June 8th via Pitched-Up/Sony Red. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wake My Body

It's been a year since Glastonbury band Dive In made their massive debut landing themselves among our Artists to Watch list for 2015. Today, we wait no more with the release of their latest single "Eighteen" off of their debut EP out May 25 via Vagrant. Dive In's sound pulls in on the new-age synth play of Magic Man from the very beginning, while throwing classic hook after hook at you that reminds us of Racing Glaciers. It's that raging chorus that gets your blood rushing and ready for whatever comes next. The youthfulness mixing with the maturity in the sound Dive In delivers which is going to set them leaps and bounds ahead of any group this year. Remember those carefree nights with this one below.