Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Some People Need Healing

HÆLOS have been circulating the pool of indie new-comers ever since they dropped their debut smash last fall. Fast forward to this week and we get our second taste of this delectable London mystery act with "Earth Not Above". There's something undeniably soothing about HÆLOS as they bring something totally simplistic yet mesmerizing to the table. It's like watching milk being poured into your coffee. It's the morphing of the white with the darkness that draws you into something so simple it makes it so fascinating. With this 3-piece act we get just that. Their production is finds itself dancing in the dark as it 90s drum beats echo off the walls. It's the Jungle-like vocals that come smoother than ever to mix into the darkness creating a sense of hope in darkened despair. Big things are definitely on the horizon for this group. For now prepare to stand in awe ask HÆLOS emerges as one of the next big things.

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