Thursday, March 12, 2015

[PREMIERE] Who Wrote The Book On Goodbye?

Flash back to about a year and a half ago to a classroom at NYU. It was a time where things at Oblivious Pop were just getting started and the first we got a listen to some massive works-in-progress by a super star in-the-making. Today, we're proud to introduce the world to Lauv as he dives deep into your heart, and awakens the darkest despairs of love with his debut "The Other". From the very beginning you're caught in the downpour of Lauv's sweet vocals that come smooth upon the echoes of the piano. When the beat kicks in you find your pulse start racing, prepping for the chorus to knock you on your feet with that instant heart-breaking hook. The chorus sends a rush of emotion to your head sparking a fire that will be burning for days in your mind. There's no doubt that Lauv has that songwriting magic that will have him landing among the ranks of some of the biggest pop acts on the rise. Light the match below with the exclusive premiere of Lauv's debut, and set your heart on ablaze.
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