Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Match Them With My Euphoria

We've been calling it ever since French pop star Christine and the Queens dropped her aw-striking video for "Saint Claude" last year. It was the passion of fire infused in her sound and flawless dance moves that blew us away and gave sight that this French-pop artist was destine for greatness. Fast-forward to ten months later and we finally get our full taste of this pop star in the States with the announcement of her signing to Neon Gold Records. With this, we get her latest single "Tilted" (the English version of "Christine" from her album Charleur Humaine). Christine effortlessly weaves her way in and out of her melodies as she dances across pulsating synths that deliver that magic sparkle we look for in so many pop hits. Christine and the Queens will make her launch into the US market in the coming weeks as she debuts her live set at SXSW and delivers her Saint Claude EP in April. We only expect after this point for Christine. She's destine to make herself a household name across the US launching herself among the ranks of Lorde as an unstoppable force in the rankings of pop royalty. The new queens has arrived!

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