Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Over Your Head

Here in NYC, we are still sitting in this crappy cold weather that never seems to end, but all that changes as Golden Coast drops us another lifeline of summery beats on their latest track "Take You Away". It's a track like this that captures the brightness of a burning sun and the coolness of the swelling sea landing you in a tropical paradise. Golden Coast's next show will be April 7th at No Vacancy in Hollywood. For now, soak up the classic pop hooks on this one below.

Flying Past Your Love

Earlier this month, The Japanese House surged into the scene, releasing her track “Still". The Japanese House is back and has released her follow-up “Pools to Bathe In.” If this track isn’t crazy enough for you, the fact this London based artist is only 19 should do the trick. She creates a very serene and calm sound, filling your ears with blissful euphoria. Her debut EP, Pools to Bathe In, will be released April 23 via Dirty Hit.  Bathe in the synthetic waves below.

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Built My Life Around You

Robyn Sherwell has been a growing talent over this last year as she graced the blog scene with track off of her Islander EP, which is out this week on Birdland Records. Among the perfected tunes is a stunning cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Landslide". The track delivers a very minimalistic approach allowing for Robyn to climb mountains and rise to the skies above. It's this superb cover that's the perfect topping to this already packed EP. Soar among the clouds on this one.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Do You Enjoy Being Hurt

We can't even put into words just how much Jack Garratt is killing it right now. It was only a year ago that he came onto the scene causing quite a stir. Jack made his way last week to SXSW and had a massive turnout for all of his show. He was one of the talks-of-the-town, and there's no denying why. Today, Jack dropped a live cover of Mario's "Let Me Love You" dropped online for BBC1, which Jack recorded at SXSW. Stepping away form his show-stopping production, Jack drops things down with just a piano backing his purest vocals that sound like they were sent from the heavens above. Press play below because you won't regret checking this one out. Jack Garratt's Synesthesiac EP drops April 13th on Interscope/Island. Get a taste of that below with "Chemical" below. Get familiar because this is one is going to massive!

Topside Looking Down

Coming off of just playing SXSW, Broken Luxury are back with their latest single "Block The Wind". This track comes across smoother than ever as the electro-R&B beats ride the breezes off of the crushing synths. It's the mix of the soulful vocals with this new wave of electronics that has us loving everything this duo has delivered. Press play below and prepare to be caught in the wind on this one.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Don't Have The Key

When we think of the Brighton music scene we instantly think of a handful of names that have broken through over the last year. Of these is Fickle Friends who broke through last January with their debut that had us instantly caught under their spell. Today, Fickle Friends continues their streak of hits with their latest addition "Could Be Wrong". The track stays true to the feel-good synths backed by a hard-hitting chorus that this group has become known so well for. There's no doubt that this track shows that Fickle Friends have the ability to keep the steam rolling unlike so many other acts that fade out once the hype is gone. We couldn't be more right that Fickle Friends are here to stay so continue to  familiarize yourself below.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Pulling My Heart Out

Will Joseph Cook came onto the scene this year and has been melting our hearts ever since with this classic hit-ready songs. He surely had us feeling nostalgic with this debut, but its his latest release "Message" that takes leaps and bounds to show the maturity this 17-year-old brings to the table. It's with this stunning rooftop video above that we know for a fact that this kid has all of the makings to be a massive hit. We're definitely think Will is bound to raise as much hype as Jack Garratt has this past year. Will's debut EP drops April 21st from our friends over at Duly Noted. For now only time will tell, but check it out for yourself above with this stunning video above of Will Joseph Cook singing his latest release "Message". Its pure magic! 

Bathing In The Earth

It was only a month ago that we got our first taste of the jungle fusion sounds of London's Hira King. Today, we get our second dose of his tropical cocaine with "Hummingbird", a fully packed track of neon colors. Hira King brings us his soulful vocals wrapped around the swelling neon synths that float above the tops of an electro-tropical jungle. The pulsating of this track builds itself into a thickening pop nectar ready to be devoured by the masses and turned into a powerful addiction. Hira King will find its way into your veins, ready to keep you under his control with this one. Inject this one below.

Still Apart Of Me

While we were in the midst of the SXSW craziness this last week, our favorite new producer Black Coast dropped his latest track "Ride" featuring the phenomenal vocals of none other than M. Maggie. Riding off the high these two collaborators left us on with "Enough" comes a darker twist of guitar strums hitting the ground running into the dead of night. It's M. Maggie's vocals that take things to next level as they are delivered in their purest state while still finding every way to haunt your very existence. It's the electro-high hats that crash upon the shores of the surging synths, wrapping themselves around you and never letting go. Unfortunately this is the last collaboration between M. Maggie and Black Coast for quite some time, but we are more than excited to see what both of these rising stars have in store for the rest of 2015. For now, feel the rush of the surging sea below.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Floating Away From Me

We first came across Okay Kaya a few weeks ago when we found her name listed as the opener for Tobias Jesso Jr here in NYC. Just a few weeks later and the industry is going crazy of this new signee to XL Recordings' Hot Charity label with her debut "Damn, Gravity". Okay Kaya knows exactly how to get us locked in with her dreamy guitars that strum us lengths to the clouds and beyond. You'll be gently placed among her lucid vocals that drift effortlessly through the hazy airstreams of the golden skies. Float away in carefree wonder on this one below.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Burning Bridges With You

Emily Vaughn may originally hail from a small town in Florida, but with her ear catching melodies and warm vocal stylings she sounds like she comes straight from the big city. With her delicate yet sassy self-composure, Emily is keen to take audiences by storm. Debuting with her radiating vocals, extensive range, and dreamy tones, she is bringing a new fresh and edgy approach to the pop genre. Stay tuned for more tracks to come from this pop powerhouse.
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Your Body's Fire

One questions come to mind when listening to this track such as: “Where has this been all my life?” Nite Swim’s debut track “Pool Party” is dripping in gold, garnished with wavy synths and silky smooth vocals. Layering R&B vibes onto of pop stylings, the Los Angeles pop group, comprised of Aaron Childs and Cary Singer, have delivered a massive debut with this one, but we're certain there's more good vibes on the way. Dip your toes into this one below.
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Friday, March 13, 2015

I Could Be Dreaming

We've been a little behind on showing our love for new-comer Phoebe Ryan in the past weeks. Regardless, we haven't been ignoring the fact that she is literally killing it. We were hooked on her R.Kelly/Miguel Mashup and she killed us with her debut "Mine". This  week she continues her reign as she resurrects us with all of her truth on "Dead". Phoebe knows exactly how to pull us in with the verses that pour of out her heart and soul, so vividly painting with all the darkened pop colors. The chorus delivers the proper hooks that raise themselves to the standards of Tove Lo with a dash of Sky Ferreira edge. This one is definitely for the books as Phoebe sets herself up to claim 2015 as her year to claim the crowds. Come alive to this one below.

Sleeping With My Enemies

We've been following New York artist Ayer since the very beginning as he crashed onto the scene over a year and a half ago with a debut that set up a chain reaction. Today, Ayer returns with "Digital Fantasy", another smash to add to his list of repertoire. "Digital Fantasy" finds it locked in the trickle of seductive guitars that are instantly backed by a hard-hitting beat. It's the flowing of the taunting synths that set things up for the chorus to come in like a club banger. The track delivers a flirtatiousness between the smoother verses and the energetic cry of the chorus that will have you captivated by what is truly Ayer's greatest single to date. Get charmed by the Hypem premiere of the track below.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

[PREMIERE] Who Wrote The Book On Goodbye?

Flash back to about a year and a half ago to a classroom at NYU. It was a time where things at Oblivious Pop were just getting started and the first we got a listen to some massive works-in-progress by a super star in-the-making. Today, we're proud to introduce the world to Lauv as he dives deep into your heart, and awakens the darkest despairs of love with his debut "The Other". From the very beginning you're caught in the downpour of Lauv's sweet vocals that come smooth upon the echoes of the piano. When the beat kicks in you find your pulse start racing, prepping for the chorus to knock you on your feet with that instant heart-breaking hook. The chorus sends a rush of emotion to your head sparking a fire that will be burning for days in your mind. There's no doubt that Lauv has that songwriting magic that will have him landing among the ranks of some of the biggest pop acts on the rise. Light the match below with the exclusive premiere of Lauv's debut, and set your heart on ablaze.
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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Some People Need Healing

HÆLOS have been circulating the pool of indie new-comers ever since they dropped their debut smash last fall. Fast forward to this week and we get our second taste of this delectable London mystery act with "Earth Not Above". There's something undeniably soothing about HÆLOS as they bring something totally simplistic yet mesmerizing to the table. It's like watching milk being poured into your coffee. It's the morphing of the white with the darkness that draws you into something so simple it makes it so fascinating. With this 3-piece act we get just that. Their production is finds itself dancing in the dark as it 90s drum beats echo off the walls. It's the Jungle-like vocals that come smoother than ever to mix into the darkness creating a sense of hope in darkened despair. Big things are definitely on the horizon for this group. For now prepare to stand in awe ask HÆLOS emerges as one of the next big things.

I'm Not Falling

Two of our long time favorites Astronomyy and Denai Moore have come together today to drop a track "All I Need" that's bound to leave you speechless. The astronomical balance of the acoustics washing upon the echoes of the distance guitars wraps itself around the lunar lyrics. There's something magical as Astronomyy's vocals find its perfected blend with Denai Moore's soulfulness, all coming together to creating a white-washed tide ready to pull you under. Prepeare to be pulled below the waves as you dive into this glimmering ocean below.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Burried By The Cityscape

We first heard of Jed Nayef about 2 years ago when his track "Freaks" emerged on MS MR's Track Addict playlist. It was with that first listen we instantly knew Jed had something magical in his sound that was going to stick with him. This last week, Jed returns with his long awaited follow up "Diamonds in the Dirt", and its a true night cruising track. It's the mix of the glistening synths that sparkle like the city lights at midnight mixed among the edge of the harder rock elements that capture the true essence of the depth defying hooks delivered on this silver plater. The verses grasp hold of you keeping you on the edge of your seat, but once the chorus comes in you're pushed backwards into a state of awe. Press play below and get entranced in the glisten of this gem below.

Won't Give Up This Fight

Felix Snow has been a name that's been circulating in the background of some of our favorite tracks this past year as he finds himself on the producer credits of these smashes. This last week, Felix stepped to the front of the scene with his party smash "Waiting On Your Love" that's ready light up any party scene. Felix finds himself smashing through the floor with his grooving dance beats laced with a circulating guitar riff that's reminiscent of The Knocks. The fire of this track will be one that will burning for the next couple of months and deep into summer. Dance the night away with this steamy track below.

I'm Getting Reckless

Whoever said “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication,” was definitely talking about Grammar’s track “New World.” Lead vocalist, Barrie Lindsay, has a voice that layers perfectly with soft harmonies to create an extremely full, resonant sound. There’s a certain vulnerability to this track giving it that sincere vibe and adding a whole other layer of meaning. The quiet drums in the back mixed with the reverberant guitar accentuate Lindsay’s voice making this pop track a meltdown of mellow. Find those unwinding vibes below with this one.

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Friday, March 6, 2015

Long Way From Sober

Today, we welcome a new pop diva to the ranks with Fletcher. This former X-factor contestant from 4 years ago is finally releasing her debut single "Over My Head" and it's a track that clearly shows this girl is going to have heads turning fast. This track finds itself laced with Fletcher's perfected vocals that chime with the likes of pop royalty. It's the hooks that carry from verse to chorus that come fast and strong, ready to capture you under their spell. There's no doubt that we'll be hearing more from Fletcher as she works her way into your heart with just one listen. Press play below and prepare to be caught in this new addiction.

We Can Always Sleep Tomorrow

France seems to be the hot spot for 2015 so far, and today we bring you another one to add to your list Alma Elste. Jumping onto our radar this past fall with her steamy debut ready to melt down any barrier. She's back this week with her follow up "Virtualism", which dives into icy cold waters. Alma turns towards a massive flux of high energy synths that twist and turn into a rushing tide of ice. Her vocals stick to the organic sound of Florence and the Machine, creating an undeniably power that's bound to shatter any pop stereotype. There's no getting around that Alma Elste is going to be stirring up some more noise in 2015. For now, get washed away in her glacial tides below.

Not Children Anymore

Exploding into the pop scene like this latest track, Acre Tarn presents their latest track “Dawn Faces.” The cosmic synths and swirling voice really come through when the chorus erupts. Heralding from England’s lake district, producer and singer Anna-Louisa Etherington shows off her craft, featuring a children’s choir and infusing sample she recorded in a cave not far from the lake from which Acre Tarn is named after. "We're not afraid of anything when we unleash our imagination, we love beauty and we want to create something beautiful. We're explorers.” Explore this track with us, will you?

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Romanticize The Mess

For Esmé’s first single “Just Yet” is a little preview of what’s to come. The band will be releasing an album entitled “Sugar” this spring, but for now you have this track to keep you satisfied. The three members, Martha, Nathan and Dave all met through a mutual friend and have been creating powerful electronic music ever since. Reminding us of CHVRCHES and MS MR, you can expect a heavy heating beat and deep electronic vibes from this track. It's the light through the dark that leads you down a path of pure bliss. Find your way with For Esmé below. 

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Match Them With My Euphoria

We've been calling it ever since French pop star Christine and the Queens dropped her aw-striking video for "Saint Claude" last year. It was the passion of fire infused in her sound and flawless dance moves that blew us away and gave sight that this French-pop artist was destine for greatness. Fast-forward to ten months later and we finally get our full taste of this pop star in the States with the announcement of her signing to Neon Gold Records. With this, we get her latest single "Tilted" (the English version of "Christine" from her album Charleur Humaine). Christine effortlessly weaves her way in and out of her melodies as she dances across pulsating synths that deliver that magic sparkle we look for in so many pop hits. Christine and the Queens will make her launch into the US market in the coming weeks as she debuts her live set at SXSW and delivers her Saint Claude EP in April. We only expect after this point for Christine. She's destine to make herself a household name across the US launching herself among the ranks of Lorde as an unstoppable force in the rankings of pop royalty. The new queens has arrived!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Young Rising Up

Stalking Gia has been a force that's been brewing under the ice for quite some time. This New York artist has found herself releasing her debut single "War Paint" with a star-power video quite recently, and now she give us a second dose of this power on her follow up "Born Free". We caught up with Stalking Gia to chat a bit about her music and get a little insight to what's to come from this rising gem. Get to know this powerhouse act below and be prepared to be blown away by her latest release below.

When did you release your first single?
 "Pretty recently."

How was it to film a music video for your first release? 
"I had a lot a freedom with my first music video. I had a hand in all aspects; from the treatment to the makeup to the camera angles to the editing process… there was a lot that went into it. I’m super proud of the ending result. "

You’re new song “Born Free” has so much power infused in it. What was your inspiration behind this track? 
"My intent with every song I create is to take a cinematic approach… I want to not only hear the music, but visualize it. That’s where the power comes from. It’s just how I was feeling in that moment."

Did you always want to be a singer/songwriter? 

Where do you find your inspiration for your music comes from? 
"The answer to that is never ending… every song is born from a different experience. Inspiration could derive from life, film, photography, soundtracks, brief interactions, late night conversations, and so on. "

Who are some musicians who you admire?
"Beck, Dev Hynes of Blood Orange, Bon Iver… just to name a few current ones."

If you could collaborate with any musician alive or dead who would it be? 
"I’d collaborate and fall madly in love with Elvis..we’d write a dreamy timeless love song and live happily ever after."

Tell us three tracks you’re currently listening to on repeat. 
"Sober - Childish Gambino
Electric Love - BØRNS
I Put A Spell On You - Annie Lennox"

Finally, can you tell us a little bit more of what you have in store for this year? 
"I’ll be releasing more music and more videos. Will also be performing a ton this year."

Monday, March 2, 2015

Thought You Were Precious

We remember about a year ago when Rude first popped up on our radars with what was a simple demo that set the internet on fire. A year later, Rude joined the Love By Mistake family and crafted their debut EP Winter dropping this week. If it's not the lead in track "Heartbreaker" that doesn't have your heart racing, then it will be "Sapphire" that will set a fire in your soul. It's Rude's game-changing sound that goes lengths to craft something totally out of this world. They know how to amaze you with lucid lyrics that effortlessly twist and turn through the fluxing electronics. Rude has set a fire that's not ready to burn out anytime soon. Engulf yourself in the flames below with "Sapphire". Winter is available for purchase on iTunes.