Friday, February 27, 2015

Heart Unbreakable

Just when we thought Vérité couldn't get any hotter, she comes back with a flame burning brighter than ever before. Her latest single "Wasteland" captures you from the very instant you hear her hypnotizing vocals. It's when the driving drums come in at the chorus you're caught in this flaming explosion of power as she effortlessly pulls you under her spell and never lets go. We've noticed this track pulls on a new sound that channels a dance-pop vibe compared to her previous works. That being said, the sound that made this NYC songstress so popular is still present throughout the background of the track, and it just makes things 10x better. Feel the pounding of Vérité's passion below on this smash.


  1. I really agree, Verite is doing some really interesting things and is about to have a lot of success as her music gets picked up by the radio.

  2. Heart Unbreakable" is a poignant testament to human resilience. Its raw, emotional narrative strikes a chord, reminding us of the strength within us all. Is Green Man Through adversity and pain, the heart endures, emerging even stronger.